How to start with Testportal?


Testportal will enable you to easily prepare a test that will provide detailed data on the skills and knowledge level of your test takers. Read on to learn how to fully leverage the potential of online testing step by step:

  1. Register an account.

  2. Create your first online test.

  3. Monitor the progress of test takers during the test.

  4. Analyze the results using reports and statistics.

  5. Choose a subscription tailored to your needs.

Testportal – your online testing platform

You are just a few clicks away from organizing online quizzes, tests, and exams effortlessly. With Testportal, you will gain clear, insightful, and reliable information about the progress of your test participants.

Reliable results and detailed analytics

Testportal ensures the credibility of results through enhanced security. Our dedicated solutions, such as the Honest Respondent Technology and strict time limits, support this. Testportal also helps draw conclusions by automatically analyzing thousands of test results and generating detailed reports.

Perfect for online tests, quizzes, and exams

The platform allows you to create and conduct various types of assessments, including quizzes, tests, and exams. For simplicity, we refer to all of them as "tests”.

Testportal is an all-in-one online testing tool that meets the needs of professionals from different fields, including corporate trainers, team leaders, recruiters, and more. We continuously tailor the platform to meet the unique requirements of experts.

Join the Testportal community and unleash the full potential of online testing!

5 steps to get started with Testportal

1. Sign up

Registering an account is necessary to use Testportal. Below we present easy steps you should take to sign up and start creating online assessments.

Steps to sign up:

  1. Go to Testportal - Sign up page or click the yellow Sign up button in the upper-right corner of Testportal’s main page.

  2. Enter your email address and password.

  3. Agree to Testportal’s Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.

  4. Click the green Sign up button.

  5. After signing up, you will receive an email with an activation code and a button you have to click to activate your account.

  6. Check your inbox and select an account activation option from the below:

    - On the Account activation screen, enter the received code.
    - Click the Confirm email address button in the received email.

After the correct account activation, you will be able to log in to Testportal and start creating your tests and using all the features of our platform.

Persons who take your tests (we call them respondents) don’t have to create Testportal accounts.

You will be able to deploy Testportal in your organization quickly and effortlessly, as your respondents don’t have to create accounts to start taking tests.

All you need to do is to sign up as a test owner, and your respondents will be able to proceed directly to taking your tests. You don’t waste time and starting testing is convenient and effective. It is a simple and user-friendly solution that allows you to focus on creating tests.

Solo or in a team?

Testportal features flexible subscription options that you can adjust to your personal or team needs. It doesn’t matter whether you are the only person in your organization who creates tests or there’s a group of people who creates and runs tests in your company, we have the right plan for you.

In the first case, use our Standard, PRO or MAX plan. Choose the one that suits your needs best. In the second case, use the Max Customized subscription. You will receive a personalized quote based on your organization’s current needs.

You’ll find all the information about the features available in Testportal plans at:

We believe that the flexibility and diversity of our plans will allow you to use our platform’s potential to the fullest. If you have any questions about subscriptions or need additional information, contact our customer support.

2. Creating a test

Testportal allows you to create online tests adjusted to your needs. You can use various question types, put them in sets, select test access mode, define grading criteria and time limits and utilize other useful features.

Additionally, the Testportal platform features non-invasive tools to monitor respondents’ test progress and prevent online cheating.

Generate questions using AI

Our AI-generation feature is a game changer that gives you a valuable time-saving advantage. You can quickly create assessments without spending hours working on test questions content.

How does it work? You just need to supply Testportal AI with input, which serves as a knowledge source to create test questions. The feature is capable of processing any content, so you can use various formats such as PDF or Microsoft Word files, or simply copy and paste the text you have.

Make sure you also read detailed instructions on how to generate test questions using AI.

Generate questions using Testportal AI

Creating tests is easier thanks to the generatation questions with AI.

Test import

Testportal allows you to import test questions from various sources and then transform them into online tests. It can process questions in PDF, MS Word, or plain text. This does not require any additional work on your part.

Learn more about how to import test questions into Testportal.

Questions imported

Thanks to the import of questions, test preparation will be fast

Create a test from scratch

In this part of our article, we will show you how to create an online test step by step.

  1. Select the name, language and logo of your test.
    In the My tests menu, select the green New Test button.

  2. Add test questions.

    To create the first question in a new test, go to the Questions manager tab in the Test configuration menu to the left. 

    You can use the following question types:

    • Single choice,

    • Multiple choice,

    • Descriptive,

    • True/False,

    • Short answer,

    • Survey.

    If needed, you can attach files to the questions, such as images, audio, video, or files from your device. You can also assign categories to the questions to specify the thematic areas of your test.

  3. Create unique test sets if you want to avoid information exchange between test takers or if you want to divide your test into sections or topics. For more information, refer to the instructions on creating test sets.

  4. Select how to share the test with respondents and create a test start page.
    You have 5 ways to invite your respondents to the test:

    • link,

    • individual access code,

    • group password,

    • link (training/quiz),

    • sharing in Testportal app for Microsoft Teams.

    To configure the test access, go to the Test access tab in the Test settings menu. If you want to achieve the highest credibility of your test results, we recommend sharing them with individual access codes or in a tab on the Microsoft Teams platform.

    On the other hand, when you want to pass tests to the respondents more easily, for example, for exercises, learning or mock tests, we recommend passing them using a link or a group password. You can also use the option to pass the test via Link (training/quiz). For more information on the different types of test access, see our article.

    If you want to achieve even greater reliability of your test results, you can monitor how many times respondents left the tab with the test. To take advantage of this feature, enable it on the Test access screen in the Honest Respondent Technology section. 

    When the person taking the assessment leaves the test card, they will see a warning. You can also block the possibility of taking the test after exceeding the defined warning limit. You can learn more about Honest Respondent Technology in our Help center. 

  5. Set up grading criteria and add a test summary that respondents will see when they finish.

    Grading and test summary are the key stages in the skills and knowledge assessments. They are important both for the test owner and for the people solving it.

    For details on how to set up test grading, see this text

  6. Configure the test time settings and choose how to activate it.

    You can set the time parameters for your test in the Time settings tab. In the Test duration section, select how you want to measure it. 

    During the test, time is measured on the server side. You can set the duration of the entire test or the time to answer each question. 

    Find more information about time settings and test activation in this articles. 

  7. Create certificates for participants who successfully complete your test. 

    A certificate is an official confirmation of participation in the test and the achieved results. 

    You can easily and quickly send a personalized certificate to your respondents. All you have to do is select those you want to send it to in the Results table tab and use the Send certificates option. Read about certificates on our Help center to learn more. 

Test result reliability

With the Testportal platform, you can use the following mechanisms to ensure the reliability of the results: 

  1. Restrictive time limits. You can set a sufficiently short time to complete the entire test or answer a question in order to ensure the reliability of tests.

  2. Secure test sharing with individual access codes or a dedicated Microsoft Teams app.

  3. Synchronization of test-taking time. 

    Testportal allows all respondents to start the test at the same time. 

  4. Randomizing the order of questions and answers reduces the probability of identical question sets. 

  5. Backtracking blocking. 

  6. Effective and non-invasive proctoring. We use Honest Respondent Technology, which monitors the activity of respondents during tests. 

  7. Cooperation with videoconferencing platforms, which allows you to use test respondents’ camera feed to provide additional security similar to on-site tests. 

Data processing, GDPR compliance, and start page personalization

We collect and process our users’ personal data for the purpose of providing assessment services. The Privacy Policy document - available here - provides a description of how we look after our users personal data, as well as information about their right to privacy.

Testportal follows a Privacy Policy that outlines its data processing practices and ensures compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We prioritize the responsible handling of personal data and strive to maintain compliance with the highest standards of data protection.

How to collect respondents' data on the Test start page?

Testportal allows you to configure a special page where you can add instructions for your respondents and configure so-called test start form. To collect your respondents' data, you can include many fields in the start form. These fields can capture information such as: name, email address, age, company, or any other relevant details that will help you manage the data later in your Testportal journey. 

Additionally, on Testportal you can create and modify a consent below the form, where respondents can explicitly agree with the content of consent. By including these fields and consent, you can gather the necessary information while respecting data privacy and obtaining all required permissions from your respondents. The consent feature is available for EDU University, MAX and MAX Customized users.

3. During the test 

Respondents’ monitoring

Testportal gives you the opportunity to supervise your tests in real time. This feature is activated automatically when the test starts and allows you to oversee at what point in the test your respondents are. Then, based on the conclusions, you can decide, for example, to extend the time to answer questions or reduce the time to complete a test. 

4. Test result analysis 


Extended results of your test respondents. You can view your test results in the Test progress & results menu, in the Results table tab. There, you will find your respondents’ personal data, their score in points and percentages, the test solving time, the test start and end time. 

If you enabled the Honest Respondent Technology in your test, you will also see information about the number of test takers leaving the test. Using the Results table option, you can freely manage the information that is visible to you.

Testportal - Quiz Result - Sheet

Review the results of the test takers in the test sheets to have a complete picture of their abilities


After each test, we will provide you with automatically generated reports. An additional benefit of testing with the Testportal platform is advanced and detailed reports from the finished tests. 

Currently, we provide as many as 7 reporting options, with which you can always easily find the most important information. You can also customize those reports to your needs, selecting only the data that you need. 

You can download those reports using the Export results option, which is located below the Results table. In the drop-down list, select the type of report to download. Learn more about reports in our Help Center.

Results table

You can review the results of the test takers in the Results table


The Testportal statistics allow you to make in-depth use of your online test results. Our platform offers a selection of useful charts and diagrams. You can also analyze your test using the data collected in the Statistics tab in the Test progress & results menu. 

You can read more about the statistics here.


Statistics will help you draw conclusions about the knowledge and skills of the test takers

Results database - progress analysis across different tests in one place

Thanks to the powerful result database available in Testportal, you can discover great opportunities to analyze the test progress of your respondents and how it affects their skills and knowledge development. 

This feature allows you not only to view specific results from all finished tests, but also to track the progress of your respondents over time. It's a great tool to monitor their development over time. 

If you use one of our Team plans, you can allow all sub-accounts to access your results database. With that feature, each person from your team will have convenient access to all test results. Read this text to find out more.

5. Subscription purchase

Before you make a purchase of a Testportal subscription, you must select a plan that’s tailored to your current needs. If one of the following plans: Standard, PRO or MAX, meets your requirements, you will find their prices at: If you need an individual approach, we will personalize a MAX Dedicated plan for you upon your enquiry

The next steps are really simple. Thanks to the availability of quick payment methods, you can start testing immediately after paying for the subscription. 

You can select from these payment methods: 

  • payment with a debit/credit card (recurring),

  • Pay-Pal,

  • regular bank transfer (available when paying for an annual subscription only).

To pay for your subscription, follow the steps below: 

  1. Log in to your account.

  2. Go to the My Account menu, and in the General information tab, use the Select plan option.

  3. On the "Select plan" screen, click on Select next to the plan you are interested in.

  4. Then choose the billing period and payment method. Provide the billing details and, if necessary, the shipping details.

  5. Finally, select the Purchase option. It will redirect you to the payment page based on the method you have chosen.

Read more about payments in the article on our Help page.

Testportal is a comprehensive and reliable knowledge assessment platform for businesses and education. With advanced algorithms and AI support, it is a complete solution. High level of test security ensures credible results that reflect participants' actual knowledge and skills. 

We are continuously developing new features to make our users' daily work easier. Join us to accelerate the testing process and raise the level of your evaluations.

If you need our support, please contact us.

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