Talent assessment tool for HR departments

Testportal is a versatile tool that provides daily support for HR personnel in a variety of areas.

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Set a course for success with the ultimate online test maker

Need a way to weed out applicants that lack necessary skills? Executing remote recruitment for remote jobs? Have too many candidates to review? Need a specific area of expertise? Testportal ticks all the boxes.

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Streamline your periodic hard skills assessments by going online. Test accounting or finance competencies and more by taking advantage of Testportal’s powerful feedback and automated analytics.

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Make sure your team knows everything they need to know about your company’s code of conduct, health and safety regulations, or workplace rules by using online evaluations.

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Testportal allows you to test any skills or abilities you think your employees should possess, giving you valuable insights into your workforce.

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Facilitate and automate all HR department operations

Make your job easier. Much easier

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Hands-free grading

Automated grading for yes/no, single- and multiple-choice, and even short open-ended questions is a game-changer.

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Instant feedback

Don’t keep them waiting. Shortly after the test, your respondents will receive detailed feedback on their accomplishments.

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Insightful results

Receive detailed insights into the performance of the group. See patterns and trends that tell you a lot about your applicants.

Enjoy incredible results

Passion for performance

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Hard skills assessment

Hands-free competencies evaluations help you make informed hiring decisions. They also save time by eliminating those who don’t meet your criteria.

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Many people to assess

Automation allows you to drastically cut down on the time spent contacting your applicants.

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Online recruitment for a remote or hybrid work

Hands-free competencies evaluations complete a large part of the candidate funnel for you quickly and efficiently by eliminating those who don’t meet criteria.

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Fully operational from day one

Our test creating software is fully optimized to facilitate use by associates, contractors, or business partners. All in an easy and efficient way.

Both test-owners and respondents can freely choose between a variety of devices, including desktops, laptops, tablets and even mobile phones.

Various notification and access methods are available with different security levels. Test owners can also choose between using the standalone web or Microsoft Teams app.

Teamwork makes the dream work

Reap the benefits of teamwork

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Share your tests with your colleagues and gain access to their tests to combine your efforts and create better outcomes.

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Large organizations often struggle to introduce one standard for all of their assessors. With Testportal, this has never been so easy.

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Common results base

A single test results base allows easy access to all the data gathered for each member of your team.

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Admin account & auditing

Oversee all of your team operations from one place in order to analyze and improve. Our platform facilitates the management of your team and provides real-time information about the current status of all assessments.

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More value for money

Scaling up doesn’t have to break the bank. Additional user accounts come at a discounted price and subscriptions are floating, meaning your team members can take turns using one account.

Easily go solo

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Perfect tool for freelancers

Even if you work from the comfort of your home or prefer freelancing for various customers, Testportal allows you to get more done with less stress and hassle.

Choose an all-in-one online assessment platform that is easy to use and streamlines the workflow for both human resources teams and individual professionals.

Touch base with our Customer Success team to find out how you can benefit from using Testportal solutions.

Flawless decisions based on solid insights

Write your success story with decisions based on solid evidence and thorough analytics. Hiring the wrong person can have disastrous results for your company. Testportal helps you avoid errors and only employ those who will elevate your business.

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Security is our top priority

Only enterprise-level security solutions

All information and collected results are safe with us, in accordance with all relevant data protection regulations.

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Powerful SSL and encryption technologies

Enjoy cutting-edge anti-DDoS protection


What our users say



We use Testportal in our company for recruitment purposes. This tool performs well for conducting the initial check of a candidate's knowledge before the job interview. Thanks to online tests, we can save our time and make better choices.

Krzysztof Wozniak

Audit Senior

Move your HR operations to the next level

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