What reports are available after the test ends?

When the test is over, you can generate various reports to gain a deeper understanding of the results. If you're a Free EDU plan user, you can download your test results, answers, and test details in a .pdf file. Subscription to EDU, EDU School, EDU University as well as all business plans allows you to download test results in .pdf, .xlsx, and .csv formats.

We also prepare the answers matrix and detailed reports in Microsoft Excel file format. Reports are available for both completed, and active tests (if any results have already been collected). You can find them in the Test progress & results menu in the Results table tab.

Test results report

The test results report will show the columns you choose from the results table (Adjust table). The list of columns is variable depending, among others, on on the test parameters and what data you collected from respondents on the test start page and whether you used the question category. The most popular data is:

  • Last name

  • First name

  • Score

  • Start date

  • End date

  • Time

  • Passed (Y/N)

  • Date

  • Cert. Sent

How to quickly export results in PDF?

This is how you can download results conveniently

The downloaded file will contain a table with columns corresponding to your selected options. The spreadsheet will contain data of all respondents who took the test.

If you download a report in .xlsx or .csv format, the file will contain all the columns included in the test results report.

The answers matrix

The answer matrix sheet is available in .xlsx format. It contains data that respondents entered on the test start page and columns with their answers to test questions. Each column corresponds to one question.

Answers for selected

You can download a .pdf with the answers from all respondents selected by you in the Results database. One .pdf file will be generated for each person.

In addition to the questions with answers, it will also contain the overall test result, as well as information about the number of points scored in each category (if you used categories in the test) and the test start/end date. Before you download the file, you can decide what information will be included.

Details for selected

This option allows you to download a file with detailed results for each respondent you select in the Results database. The main part of the document is a table with the number of questions, the number of points scored, and the time needed to answer each question.

Detailed report for selected

This is a spreadsheet containing the most detailed information about the test and respondent. In one .xlsx file, you will see everything related to the test taken by a given person. This option does not allow you to choose the information you want to include in the spreadsheet.

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