1. One of the most important advantages of using Testportal is the access to advanced, detailed online test reports.

  2. Reports are customizable to display the information you're the most interested in.

  3. Testportal also allows you to download reports in various formats to your devices.

What reports are available after the online test ends?

When your online test, quiz or exam is over, Testportal allows you to gain access to a wealth of information. Actionable data are available in the form of various reports, which let you enjoy a deeper understanding of your respondents' skills and knowledge.

Free EDU plan users can download test results, answers, and test details in a PDF file. If you subscribed to EDU, EDU School, EDU University or one of our business plans, you can download all test results reports in PDF, XLSX, and CSV formats.

We also prepare the answers matrix and detailed reports in Microsoft Excel files. Reports are available for both completed and active tests (if you have already collected any results). You can find them in the Test progress & results menu in the Results table tab.

Test results report

The test results report shows the data from the columns you select from the results table. The list of columns depends on:

  • Test parameters.

  • Data collected from respondents on the test start page.

  • Question categories (if used).

The data that test owners choose the most often include:

  • Last name

  • First name

  • Score

  • Start date

  • End date

  • Time

  • Passed (Y/N - if you selected the pass mark)

  • The number of times the Honest Respondent Technology was triggered (if enabled for the test)

  • Date

  • Certificate sent (if you use certificates for your online test)

Test results report download

With Testportal, you can effortlessly download the test results report to your device and print it if you need.

How to quickly export results in PDF?

Just a few clicks and you can enjoy a comprehensive test results table on your device

The file you download will contain a table with columns corresponding to your selected options. This spreadsheet will contain data from all respondents who took the test.

If you download a report in XLSX or XSV format, the file will include all the columns from the test results report.

Online test answers matrix

The Testportal's answer matrix sheet is available in XLSX format. It contains all the data that the test respondents entered on the test start page and columns with their answers to each test question. Every column in the matrix sheet represents one question from your online assessment.

Answers for selected respondents

You can select some or all online test respondents in the Results table and download a PDF with their answers. You will receive one PDF file for each person who took your test.

In addition to the questions and answers, this file will also contain the overall test result, the number of points scored in each category (if you used categories) and the test start/end date. Before you download the file, you can select what information it will include.

Details for selected

This option allows you to download a file with detailed results for each respondent you select in the Results database. The main part of the document is a table with the number of questions, the number of points scored, and the time needed to answer each question.

Detailed report for selected respondents

This spreadsheet contains the most detailed information about the finished test. One XLSX file has all the data related to the test taken by a specific respondent. With this option, you can't select the information to be included in the spreadsheet. The file includes, among others:

  • Respondent's data.

  • Respondent's score.

  • Percentage score.

  • Grade (if configured).

  • Descriptive grade (if written by the test owner).

  • Pass/fail information (if you selected the pass mark).

  • Questions and answers provided by the respondent.

  • Points scored per question.

  • Test summary (the number of participants who took the test, who passed the test and who failed the test, average score and average test time).

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