Innovative, research-backed assessments

Testportal helps schools become more effective and makes their students feel more capable.

Support for online and hybrid learning

Aim for better teaching outcomes with a powerful online test maker that is easy to use and saves time.

Let your students practice as much as they need before they take a real exam.

Encourage friendly rivalry within your class or school. Create inter-school competitions that are a challenge for the students, not the organizers.

Mix in-person or online evaluations with modern technologies, and make it fun. Let them use their smartphones. They won’t even notice they’re learning!

Create and send tests directly to your students, wherever they are. Keep an eye on their progress and offer meaningful feedback. Let them take mock tests to enhance their learning capabilities.

Replace a letter grade with a detailed description of their results. Appreciate their efforts. Let them know how they can improve and encourage them to keep trying. Bring out the best in every student.


Improve your assessments by going online

Instant feedback for your students

Don’t keep them waiting. After a test, students receive detailed feedback on their performance. You decide what to include.

Hands-free grading

Self-grading tests include yes/no, single- and multiple-choice, and short open-ended questions.

Insightful results and statistics

Detailed insight into class performance reveals patterns and trends.

Convenient access

Access your data on any computer or mobile device, from anywhere in the world, at any time.

Progress tracking

See changes in performance over time by comparing multiple assessments. Interpret the data to elevate your teaching competencies.

Create a better school with students at the center

Make a real impact with modern education that puts your learners first.

The ability to conduct online classes and assessments is the foundation of modern education. It is more flexible, less time consuming, and puts students first.

Both parents and students expect educational institutions to adapt to modern-day challenges. Our platform enables rapid switching between inside and outside the classroom or hybrid education.

Advantages of Testportal at the school level

One standard across the institution

Multiple user accounts and the ability for teachers to collaborate and share tests facilitate standardization, making teaching and assessing more effective and objective.

Floating seats for amazing flexibility

If you have many teachers but only some of them will be using Testportal simultaneously, floating seats offer a perfect and cost-effective solution.

Cost-effective scaling

Additional accounts come at a radically reduced price, so your school will save money by entirely switching to Testportal.

Microsoft 365 integration

Testportal can be fully integrated with Microsoft 365 software to further reduce the administrative burden on your teachers.

Admin accounts

Use admin accounts to oversee learning and evaluation processes for all your teachers.

Adopt one online solution that streamlines daily tests and assessments in the complex and demanding environment of an educational institution.

Touch base with our Customer Success team to find out how you can benefit from using Testportal solutions.

No more assessment disruptions

Your students won’t have to start over when their test is interrupted due to unforeseen circumstances. Easily pause and restart your assessments when students experience network failure, etc.

A powerful solution that’s easy to use

Fully optimized to facilitate online use by students in an easy and efficient way.

Simplicity and accessibility make this solution powerful. Both teachers and students can freely choose between a variety of devices, including desktops, laptops, tablets, and even mobile phones.

Various notification and access methods are available, each with different security levels. Test owners can also choose between using the platform as a stand-alone website or integrated into the Microsoft Teams app.

Security is our top priority

Only enterprise-level security solutions

All information and collected results are safe with us, in accordance with all relevant data protection regulations.

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Powerful SSL and encryption technologies

Enjoy cutting-edge anti-DDoS protection


What our users say


Warmia and Mazury Teacher Training Center

I have been using Testportal for several months in my work as a consultant teacher and I can honestly recommend it to any teacher who wants to make their lessons more attractive while increasing the efficiency of their work. The undeniable advantages of the application are, among others. ease of use, a multitude of available options and the authors' openness to its development.

Jerzy Dorożko

IT Consultant

Create a better school with online assessments

Stay one step ahead with innovative online solutions that enhance learning processes and produce better student comprehension.