A few words about us and what drives us to act

Testportal is a groundbreaking online platform for competencies evaluation. But enough of the bragging, let the numbers speak for themselves:

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Our mission

We created a revolutionary online knowledge and competencies assessment solution. It empowers thousands of organizations worldwide to grow. Lets them get a broader picture and draw better conclusions with cutting-edge data analysis algorithms. But most of all, it allows them to fulfill their missions: to educate or do business without distractions.

Testportal is a catalyst. Mix it with your enterprise, and it will accelerate the growth. Save you time. Save you money. It will let you concentrate on your work by automating what used to be a laborious and complex process.

We make skills and knowledge assessments objective, insightful and actionable.

Testportal Team

Our solution

What started as a side project made with the passion of just two people evolved into a top-ranked assessment tool, rated as invaluable by education and business organizations worldwide.

Today Testportal is run by the best team in the world. It’s a results-driven mixture of capabilities, open minds and continuous development. A group of professionals dedicated to delivering the highest quality solutions only. Focused, hard-working and always there for you.

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Our awards & partnerships

Microsoft ONE 2021 award

Category: New Star: ISV & StartUp

We collaborate with Microsoft, the world's leading cloud computing provider. The duo allows users to unleash the full potential of our platform by combining their extraordinary features.

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Partner of Examus

For those clients who expect nothing less than perfect test results reliability and credibility, we offer the option to include Examus advanced proctoring solutions to their assessments.

Partner of T-Systems

T-Systems are online infrastructure maintenance and security professionals dedicated to streamlining data migration processes. Testportal is happy to join forces with this company to offer nothing short of the highest quality.

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