All the question types you will ever need

Testportal supports all popular assessment and test question types. Mix and match the ones that best fit your needs.

Online test maker with a variety of options

Choose question types most suitable for your assessment.

Self-grading choice questions

Single- and multiple-choice questions that are self-grading and require no review from the test owner.

Self-grading open-ended questions

Short open-ended questions that are self-grading based on pre-set criteria and require no additional review from the test owner.

Descriptive open-ended questions

Open-ended questions that test respondents’ ability to provide complex answers. These have to be reviewed manually by the test owner.

Make the most of your tests with our questions editor

Challenge and engage your respondents with all digital handouts you can think of. Enrich your questions with audio and video files to grab their attention.

Use a variety of test attachments: images, videos, audio and pdf files. Spreadsheets and other files can be downloaded, filled in by the respondents and then uploaded as answers.

Complex mathematics, physics or chemistry assessments made easy with our excellent equations editor.

Testportal supports assessments in all languages, so it is easy to prepare a test for the nationals of any country in the world.

Questions editor allows you to use Rich Text Formatting, as well as programming languages.

Make your assessments even more versatile and interesting by adding external content and tools, such as Geogebra.

Depending on the complexity of your questions, you can award partial, negative or bonus points for your respondents’ performance.

Question categories for more insightful results

Assign your questions to different categories to be able to better assess various aspects of the test subject. Collect detailed results from various categories to see partial scoring. Draw better conclusions from your test results.

Use randomization to improve your assessments

Single set of questions available for all of your respondents. This is the most basic of all available options and will suit the majority of your needs. And if you require more, Testportal has amazing additional features for you to explore.

Decide how many questions our advanced algorithms should randomly draw from a predefined list.

Prepare several different versions of your test sets. Each respondent will receive one of them at random.

Need a printed version? We got you covered.

Test sheets

Prepare online test, then print it for offline use. Your tests can be reused whenever you need them again.

Answers sheet

Save paper when doing offline assessment too. Answer sheets allow you to use the same test sheets as many times as you see fit.

Answers key

Answer key is precisely the same size as the test sheets. It allows you to facilitate offline tests checking and grading, for example when printed on foil.

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