Solutions that adjust to your needs

Add your special touch to our clean and simple design. All users have the option to easily customize their assessments with their logo or configure a custom subdomain.

Make it personal. Stand out from the crowd.

Add something special on top of our clean and simple design. You can easily upgrade your assessments with a logo or configure a custom subdomain, and it’s a standard option for all users.

Test-creating software with amazing customization options

Online assessments that are truly yours

White label

Hide Testportal logos and present your assessments under your own brand.

Show your brand colors

Test sheets are fully customizable. Need your company colors? Let us know and we’ll make it happen.

Add or change assessment features

Our online test maker can add individualized functionalities to make assessments fit for any purpose. Changes may include test font, custom logo, etc.

Additional notifications

If you require additional notification options, such as the ability to manage messages within your organization, Testportal will be happy to provide a solution that works for you.


Make sure you have all consents required by law. Testportal will assist you in collecting all the necessary permissions before your respondents take a test.

Seamless integration with your system

Direct unification of Testportal assessments with your website or software is a game-changer that saves time and money. Make all tests appear as if they are inseparable parts of your site. Because they will be.

Customize and integrate to make the assessments truly yours

Combine Testportal's online testing capabilities with your website and system using groundbreaking API integration.