Big exams in a fair environment

Remote assessments are an outstanding alternative to traditional exams, especially when they are supported by sophisticated online tools.

Groundbreaking remote testing technology benefits both students and teachers.

Online high-stakes exams done the right way

Hands-free grading

Testportal’s advanced algorithms support teachers by doing the grading for them. Automated, immediate, bias-free results let you spend more time with your students.

Instant feedback

No more waiting. Your students get instant feedback after finishing their assessments. As test owner, you decide what is included in the feedback: grade, score, correct answers, etc.

Actionable insights

Get to know your students better with the wealth of information collected by Testportal. This allows you to create a more engaging learning environment and produce better results.

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Unmatched test versatility and reliability

Use a variety of questions to keep students engaged and test their comprehension skills.

Use single- and multiple-choice questions to measure your learners’ performance within a specific subject area. Grading for this type of question is entirely automated and requires no marking from the test owner.

In this case, students must answer a question for which you can set a predefined correct answer. For example, “Which year did the US first land on the Moon?”, the correct answer is “1969” or “Nineteen sixty-nine”. This type of question is self-grading, too.

This type of question requires answers containing detailed information about a specific matter. More demanding than the two previous types, it requires checking by the test owner.

To check skills and knowledge thoroughly, mix all types of questions in one test sheet. This method guarantees deep insights into students’ performance when you are looking for a multidimensional evaluation.

Next generation integrity and security

Online high-stakes exams are reliable and secure.

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Results reliability

Online high-stakes tests are consistent, reduce the "luck factor", and offer a well-rounded measurement of skills and knowledge. Testportal's innovative features such as the Honest Respondent technology make cheating virtually impossible.

System stability

Testportal is the only online assessment platform you will ever need. Once you prepare test sheets, they stay on your account, and you can reuse them over and over again.

Data security and privacy

All data stored on Testportal is protected in line with the strictest data protection regulations. Our servers use cutting-edge encryption technologies to give you the highest level of security.

Powerful question editor

Keep your students focused and excited about learning with a variety of question edition options.

Use audio, video, text, or spreadsheet files. Add images, drawings, uploads, and more. Challenge your learners and surprise them with complex quizzes they will love.

Complex mathematics, physics, and chemistry assessments are made easy with our excellent equation editor.

Testportal supports assessments in all languages, so it is easy to prepare a test for the nationals of any country in the world.

Our question editor allows you to use Rich Text Formatting, as well as programming languages.

Make your assessments even more versatile and interesting by adding external content and tools, such as GeoGebra.

Depending on the complexity of your questions, you can award partial, negative, or bonus points for your students’ performance.

Better integrity and reliability with artificial intelligence

Testportal teams up with Examus, the developer and main distributor of AI solutions for educational and business high-stakes assessments. Together, we offer unparalleled remote test accountability. Artificial intelligence created by Examus is capable of recognizing emotions and gaze direction. It also detects screen-sharing or the presence of another monitor to make cheating during online evaluations virtually impossible.

Deter, detect, and prevent cheating during high-stakes exams

Ensure reliable exam results with six powerful proctoring methods that are designed with the challenges of online evaluations in mind.

Incredibly convenient online assessments

Test creating software fully optimized to facilitate platform use by students whether they are learning in person, at home, or in a hybrid program. All in an easy and efficient way.

Both teachers and students can freely choose between various devices, including desktops, laptops, tablets, and even mobile phones.

Various notification and access methods are available, each with different security levels. Teachers can also choose between using the stand-alone web or Microsoft Teams app.

Security is our top priority

Only enterprise-level security solutions

All information and collected results are safe with us, in accordance with all relevant data protection regulations.

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Powerful SSL and encryption technologies

Enjoy cutting-edge anti-DDoS protection


What our users say


Wroclaw Medical University

I recommend using the Testportal platform to conduct tests and quizzes during lectures and final exams. Based on the user interviews, I think that the Testportal platform's advantage is the possibility of configuring tests according to specific needs, as well as the variety of options for the analysis of results. I hope that in the future we will be able to standardize at least some exams based on the analyses provided by Testportal. Of course, the use of technology that hinders the unfair approach to testing is also important. The majority of users (both students and academics) are satisfied with the Testportal platform and the technical support available. I recommend Testportal to users who look for efficient remote knowledge assessments.

Prof. Andrzej Hendrich, PhD

Dean of the Faculty of Medicine

Easy to conduct, fair, and engaging

Experience an online alternative to traditional high-stakes exams. Testportal simplifies and streamlines the exam process for both students and institutions.