Feedback, not criticism. The difference.

Formative assessment is the future of education. It is fair, engaging, flexible, and lets all students grow. Especially when paired with online tools designed for virtual classrooms.

Better understanding for better education

Formative assessment offers a wealth of information about learners, their performance, strengths and identifies holes in their knowledge. Online test builder aggregates those precious insights automatically, freeing teachers to spend more time with their students.

Measure progress every step of the way

All test results and their analytics are available in a vast database on your Testportal account. Use it to get insights into the progress of your classes and individual students and to boost their attainment.

Positive feedback goes a long way

Immediate and continuous feedback empowers students to take active steps and advance their skills and knowledge. It motivates to achieve more and to be a better person.

Discover the difference with formative assessment

Prepare an online test, share it with your students, analyze results and provide meaningful feedback praising efforts and motivating them to try harder. Repeat for amazing results.


Add questions and configure randomization

Add your questions and choose the randomization option that works best for your online assessment.


Configure feedback, grading and time parameters

Configure feedback options, grading, as well as test time parameters.


Share the test with your respondents

Choose an appropriate test sharing option and let your students commence their assessment immediately or at a set date in the future.


Explore insightful results, reports and statistics

Explore insightful results, reports, and statistics generated for you automatically by Testportal’s cutting-edge algorithms.

Incredibly convenient online assessments

Test creating software fully optimised to facilitate platform use by associates, contractors or business partners. All in an easy and efficient way.

Both test-owners and respondents can freely choose between a variety of devices, including desktops, laptops, tablets and even mobile phones.

Various notification and access methods are available with different security levels. Test-owners can also choose between stand-alone web or Microsoft Teams app.

Security is our top priority

Only enterprise-level security solutions

All information and collected results are safe with us, in accordance with all relevant data protection regulations.

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Powerful SSL and encryption technologies

Enjoy cutting-edge anti-DDoS protection


What our users say


Warmia and Mazury Teacher Training Center

I have been using Testportal for several months in my work as a consultant teacher and I can honestly recommend it to any teacher who wants to make their lessons more attractive while increasing the efficiency of their work. The undeniable advantages of the application are, among others. ease of use, a multitude of available options, and the authors' openness to its development.

Jerzy Dorożko

IT Consultant

Formative assessment - a new, positive approach to education

Provide your students with more insights into their learning and a deep understanding of steps necessary to progress their knowledge stress-free.