Automatic feedback right after the test

Don’t keep your respondents waiting for their results. Decide which information to share with them automatically.

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You decide how it works

Flexible, automated test grading

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After submitting all their answers, respondents may receive a simple Pass/Fail mark. Further information about their performance may be added manually by the test owner.

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Grades based on ranges

Each respondent receives a grade based on the percentage of their correct answers. The test owner has full control over score ranges.

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Our online test maker features automatic and two-step feedback options. Automatic feedback requires no action from the test owner after the assessment. Two-step feedback includes both initial automatic results and a second set of feedback that is released by the test owner.

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Wide variety of personalized feedback options

Our test creating software allows test owners to set automatic feedback. This can be either a simple overview of the whole test or a detailed review including answers to each of the test questions.

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Fully customizable test summary page

Decide what feedback your respondents receive automatically.

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Points or percentage

Test summary page can display the percentage of correct answers and/or the number of points earned.

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The response may include only a Pass/Fail mark. Alternatively, test owners can choose to add more information that is specific to each respondent to the test summary page.

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Respondents can automatically receive their grades upon completion of the test.

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Correct answers

Upon completion of the test, respondents may receive correct answers to all the questions included in the test.

Give your respondents one- or two-step feedback. Send solely an automatic response or have the option to add additional information from the test owner.

Experience complete control over your online assessment thanks to the cutting-edge features of Testportal.

Need to change the rules after the test? No problem.

Sometimes rules have to change. Testportal allows you to easily adjust grading options to fit your needs. This is possible even after your respondents have finished their tests. New criteria will apply automatically.

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Access advanced, detailed insights into your tests

Testportal allows you to dig deep into the test results and analyze data on many levels to get actionable insights. Use the information gathered to improve your operations.

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Assessment feedback options that make a difference

Explore Testportal's features and streamline your online assessments. It's on the house. You're welcome.

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