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If you have a set of prepared questions and want to start using them on Testportal, you're in the right place. Uploading them will be a walk in the park, and in this article, we will guide you through the process step by step.

How to import my test on Testportal?

To upload your test to your Testportal account, head directly to the to My tests view. Once you’re there, follow these instructions:

  1. Click the green Add new test button. You'll find it in the upper-right corner of the screen.

  2. From the drop-down menu, select the Import from file option.

  3. It will open the Import test window, where you can select or drag and drop the file you want to import.

  4. Our feature will now do its magic by processing your content and turning it into a Testportal online assessment. You can keep track of how many questions our mechanisms have already imported.

  5. Your test is now on your account. Congratulations! Review it before deployment to avoid any mistakes.

Test import

To import the test, please follow the steps above

We will import any test to save your time

To facilitate the transfer of your tests to our platform, Testportal is able to process any list of questions from PDF, MS Word, or plain text formats, without requiring a predefined structure. This means you can upload your existing tests as they are, eliminating the need for additional work on your end.

However, to make sure the end result matches the input materials perfectly, we highly encourage you to make sure your tests are similar to the provided downloadable Testportal import templates:

We encourage you to try out our import feature with the files you currently have. If the initial result doesn't meet your expectations, we suggest you try again after aligning your files with our templates.

If the structure of your files is similar to ours, you will achieve accurate results. The more your file structure deviates from our templates, the greater the chance of import errors. Remember to always check the end result.

Testportal import - question types

Testportal's test import feature supports various types of questions. It accommodates the most popular question types used in quizzes, tests and exams:

  • single-choice questions,

  • multiple-choice questions,

  • descriptive questions.

Our feature decides a question type based on the number of correct answers you marked.

If there is only one correct answer, the question will be single-choice. If more than one correct answer is marked, Testportal will categorize the question as multiple-choice. Finally, Testportal will create a descriptive question if there are no answer options provided.

Why might Testportal not detect correct answers in the imported files?

Sometimes it might happen that Testportal will be unable to distinguish the correct answer clearly. The most common reasons for that are:

  • The correct answers were not marked in the source file.

  • The correct answers were marked in an unclear way, and our import mechanisms were unable to understand them.

How to fix that? Use bold formatting to mark the correct answers in the file. Do not use bold formatting for any other purpose.

Remember to check your test once it’s imported.

Always verify the quality of your final imported test. There are two situations when our mechanism might make a mistake during the import process:

  • The already mentioned problem of correct answers not being clearly indicated.

  • The problem of human error in the source material. Those might include: missing spaces, sentences starting with lowercase letters, merged answers, etc.

Which Testportal plans feature the test import?

If you’ve been into business training or hiring for some time, you’ve most likely amassed a lot of content already. It is time to conveniently store it in one place where you can deploy any online assessment and enjoy security, flexibility and incredible insights.

We made our import feature available to all business plan users. If you work at a university and you’d like to use this feature to facilitate the work of your professors, choose our EDU University plan.

We want to ensure that the feature meets your needs. Please feel free to reach out to us if you encounter any errors or if you have a large number of tests to import. We're here to help.

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