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Use Testportal certificate templates that allow you to input all the important information about your assessments and respondents. Ask us about customization options for more personalized certificates.

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Increase the scope of assessments. Check skills and knowledge thoroughly. Get more from the results.

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Testportal’s advanced algorithms support assessors by doing the grading for them. Automated, immediate, bias-free results let you spend more time on other duties.

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No more waiting. Your respondents get instant feedback after finishing their tests. As test owner, you decide what is included in the feedback: grade, score, correct answers, etc.

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Get to know your respondents better with the wealth of information provided by Testportal. This allows you to create a more engaging learning environment and produce better results.

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Single- and multiple-choice questions measure your respondents’ performance within a specific content area. Grading for this type of question is entirely automated and requires no effort from the test owner.

In this case, respondents must answer a question for which you can set a predefined correct answer. For example, "Which year did the US first land on the Moon?", the correct answer is "1969" or "Nineteen sixty-nine". This type of question is self-grading, too.

This type of question requires answers containing detailed information about a specific matter. More demanding than the two previous types, it requires checking by the test owner.

To check skills and knowledge thoroughly, mix all types of questions in one test sheet. This method guarantees deep insights into respondents’ performance when you are looking for a multidimensional evaluation.

Offer unlimited practice tests

Practice makes perfect. Always make sure your respondents are 100% ready to take their final exam. With Testportal, you can give them the ability to do unlimited rehearsals until they are confident and ready for the official test.

Incredibly convenient online assessments

Test creating software fully optimized to facilitate online use by associates, contractors, or business partners. All in an easy and efficient way.

Both test owners and respondents can freely choose between various devices, including desktops, laptops, tablets, and even mobile phones.

Various notification and access methods are available, each with different security levels. Test owners can also choose between using the stand-alone web or Microsoft Teams app.

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