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Science-based online quizzes that hold students' attention

Effective, simple, and powerful. Your students will love online quizzes. Teachers enjoy them, too!

Hands-free grading

Testportal’s advanced algorithms support teachers by doing the grading for them. Automated, immediate, bias-free results let you spend more time with your students.

Instant feedback

No more waiting. Your students get instant feedback after finishing their assessments. As test owner, you decide what is included in the feedback: grade, score, correct answers, etc.

Actionable insights

Get to know your students better with the wealth of information collected by Testportal. This allows you to create a more engaging learning environment and produce better results.

Meaningful engagement with multimodal questions

Prepare an online test with single- and multiple-choice questions to measure your learners’ performance within a specific subject area. Grading for this type of question is entirely automated and requires no marking from the test owner.

In this case, students must answer a question for which you can set a predefined correct answer. For example, "Which year did the US first land on the Moon?", the correct answer is "1969" or "Nineteen sixty-nine". This type of question is self-grading, too.

This type of question requires answers containing detailed information about a specific matter. More demanding than the two previous types, it requires checking by the test owner.

To check skills and knowledge thoroughly, mix all types of questions in one test sheet. This method guarantees deep insights into students’ performance when you are looking for a multidimensional evaluation.

Move your final exams online

Online tests are perfect for the end of term and other final exams, too. They are easy to navigate, give equal opportunities, and provide immediate feedback. Testportal can automatically grade student assessments to free the teacher for other duties. It also delivers a wealth of information about the performance of individual learners and groups.

Utilize a variety of question features

Online test maker gives you almost unlimited options to build engaging assessments. Enrich test questions with amazing content and attachments to keep your students focused and excited about learning.

Use audio, video, text, or spreadsheet files. Add images, drawings, uploads, and more. Challenge your learners and surprise them with complex quizzes they will love.

Complex mathematics, physics, and chemistry assessments are made easy with our excellent equation editor.

Testportal supports assessments in all languages, so it is easy to prepare a test for the nationals of any country in the world.

Our question editor allows you to use Rich Text Formatting, as well as programming languages.

Make your assessments even more versatile and interesting by adding external content and tools, such as GeoGebra.

Depending on the complexity of your questions, you can award partial, negative, or bonus points for your students’ performance.

Deter, detect, and prevent cheating with easy steps

Ensure reliable exam results with six powerful proctoring methods that were designed with the challenges of online evaluations in mind.

Incredibly convenient online assessments

Test creating software fully optimized to facilitate use by students whether they are learning in person, at home, or in a hybrid setting. All in an easy and efficient way.

Both teachers and students can freely choose between various devices, including desktops, laptops, tablets, and even mobile phones.

Various notification and access methods are available, each with different security levels. Teachers can also choose between using the stand-alone web or Microsoft Teams app.

Security is our top priority

Only enterprise-level security solutions

All information and collected results are safe with us, in accordance with all relevant data protection regulations.

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What our users say


Automotive and Construction School

I have been using Testportal for a long time as part of conducting quizzes, tests, and tests summarizing my lessons during distance learning. As a teacher, I need a site that is intuitive and technically easy for both me and my students. Several times in a month, I provide students with the tests I have created - according to the needs for a given level of education and for the material covered. Using Testportal really makes my work easier - the preparation of tests is easy, checking them can have various forms, which can also be adapted in your work, the "Honest Respondent" feature mobilizes students to work independently, and reports prepared automatically facilitate insight into students' progress and a summary of their activities. A great option is that you can monitor your students' work as they take their tests. With a clear conscience, I recommend Testportal to teachers of various types of schools - it is a very good and uncomplicated way to work remotely with students.

Magdalena Koroscil

English Teacher

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