1. Statistics on Testportal allow you to gain deeper understanding of your respondents' online test results.

  2. Our platform features several useful charts and graphs in the Statistics section.

  3. You can enjoy detailed insights into test pass rate, grades distribution, result histogram, average answer time per question, average results for test questions and answer distribution.

Testportal statistics. Learn more from your online test results.

You'll be amazed by what you can learn from statistics on Testportal. They allow you to understand your respondents and their needs better. That knowledge makes it easier to turn your online tests and exams into success stories.


With Testportal, you get valuable insights and analytics of every online assessment

Learn from online test statistics to deliver quality

First of all, you must know that charts available in Statistics include only fully graded tests. If you included open-ended questions, make sure to grade the answers before complete results appear in the statistics. Below are the currently available data:

Test pass rate

This pie chart shows the percentage distribution of respondents who passed and failed the selected online test.

Grades distribution

Grade distribution shows you how many respondents received a particular grade. It is available only if you defined point or percentage ranges during the test configuration.

Results histogram

This graph shows the most frequent percentage results and the number of results which belong to a specific range.

Average answer time per question

This graph displays the time your respondents took to answer each test question. Longer or shorter response times may result from the increased difficulty level, confusing question content, or simply a lack of your respondents' knowledge.

Average results for test questions

Here you can see questions rated "Easy", "Medium Difficulty", or "Difficult" by Testportal. The presented results are based on the average score obtained by the respondents for each test question.

Answers distribution

This statistic shows the percentage distribution of multiple-choice question answers that your respondents selected during their online test.

If you need other, additional statistics for your test, download one of the reports. You can then process the downloaded data yourself.

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