Simple and versatile assessments

Create engaging evaluations. Easily share them with your business or educational audience.

Impressive data and insights

Access all results to see insightful, actionable details. Testportal is an online test creation platform that offers cutting-edge, easy-to-use filtering and sorting options.

Make data-driven decisions with insightful statistics. Clearly see the distinction between the easy and demanding sections of your assessments.

Be a part of the process and observe real-time analytics of your respondents’ progress.

Compare insights from various assessments to conveniently detect all learning trends and patterns.

Insightful data comparisons, all in one place. Impressive versatility and accuracy of information.

Only accurate and reliable assessment results

Testportal measures evaluation time on the server-side to eliminate any cheating attempts. No test time tweaking is possible, so the results will always reflect your respondents' knowledge.

Diverse question options for thorough assessments

Single and multiple-choice questions

Include single and multiple-choice questions to assess various fields of expertise. Receive immediate, aggregated responses from every respondent.

Self grading open-ended questions

Go beyond choice questions for detailed insights from all participants. Save time with Testportal’s excellent self-grading open-ended questions.

Descriptive open-ended questions

Require descriptive information about specific areas of knowledge. Grade responses yourself for in-depth analysis and maximum reliability.

Complete control over questions sets and order

Testportal's advanced drawing algorithms allow you to easily prepare an online test and configure the randomization of full or partial questions. You can choose predefined test sets, a fixed order of tasks, and much more.

No account needed to access assessments. Test-taking made simple.

Test access for the respondents is simple and hassle-free. No Testportal account is needed to start an online evaluation. In case of any interruptions, participants can save the test and continue it later.

Test results you can trust

Ensure full reliability and accountability of all your assessments. Testportal offers powerful, yet simple and affordable proctoring techniques that are effortless to implement.

Reliable, actionable feedback. Tailored to your needs.

Automated feedback

Respondents receive immediate, predefined feedback after completing the test. Many options are available, and can all be adjusted to your needs.

Personalized feedback to an entire test or individual questions

Include a detailed summary of the entire test or reveal feedback only on specific questions after the respondent completes their tasks.

Two-stage feedback

All summary options available on Testportal can be set to a two-stage mode. Some feedback will then be released initially to the respondent, and the rest available only after a review by the test owner.

Predefined or customized certificates. All up to you.

Testportal offers ready-made certificates that only have to be filled in with basic data. Alternatively, you can opt for full customization if you have specific needs and requirements.

Access on any device, anytime and from anywhere

Access to all features of our platform really couldn't be more convenient. Testportal is available on all computers and mobile devices, both as a stand-alone app and a Microsoft Teams add-in.

Amazing customization and integration options

Make sure everyone knows that this is YOUR test. Our customization features allow you to easily introduce your logo on all online assessments with a standard test sheet design.

Make a Testportal evaluation appear as part of your website. We offer seamless and full integration of our platform with your website.

Your system and Testportal can become one. Upon request, we can automatically divert respondents to the online test from your website and feed all results directly into your system.

Powerful platform designed to fuel your success

Explore all of Testportal's features and streamline your online assessments. It's on the house. You're welcome.

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