1. Online certificates are a confirmation of achievement and/or participation in your online tests.

  2. Testportal allows PRO, MAX, MAX Dedicated and EDU University plan users to generate certificates for respondents.

  3. Certificates are fully customizable to contain all the information you need.

  4. You can manually send certificates to your respondents after an online assessment has ended and you have graded all test sheets.

How to generate online test certificates?

A certificate is a confirmation of taking part in the online test, of the respondent's results and of the organizing person or institution. Testportal allows you to effortlessly create both simple and fully personalized certificates.

Who can create online test certificate?

Certificates are available for PRO, MAX and MAX Dedicated business plan users and for EDU University educational plan users.

With the help of the certificate generator, you can also create confirmations of participation, for example, in training.

This is a useful feature if your training does not end with an exam but a simple test of skills and knowledge, and you still want to offer your respondents some kind of a document.

You can also use it if a respondent has not passed the final exam and you want them to receive a confirmation of participation instead of a certificate. In such a case, simply change the content of the certificate elements, which we describe below.

Creating online test certificate

You can start creating your certificate by navigating to the Certificate template tab in the Test configuration menu.

Certificate template generation

Creating certificates with Testportal is fast and effortless

After clicking the Certificate template, you will see a general certificate template for your plan. You can personalize the content by checking/unchecking the appropriate boxes.

  • Logo

Your organization's logo.

  • Subtitle

An additional headline that will appear directly below the certificate title.

  • Respondent's first and last name

Data provided by the respondent when entering the test (if required on the Test start page).

  • Certificate content (paragraph 1)

Editable text block where you can enter any description (e.g., the test subject). The content of the paragraphs may differ depending on whether a respondent passed or failed the test.

  • Test name

The same test name you entered in Basic settings.

  • Certificate content (paragraph 2)

An editable text block where you can enter any description (e.g., the test subject). The content of the paragraphs may differ depending on whether the test was passed or failed.

How to use my own certificate template

If you have a certificate template that you would like to use, let us know by filling in the contact form or emailing us at:

How to send certificates to respondents?

Your online test respondents can receive personalized certificates confirming their assessment participation and final result. All you have to do to send a certificate is to choose a respondent and deliver their certificate with only a few clicks.

Remember to make sure that you thoroughly checked the test results and that the grading criteria will not change! Only then should you send the certificates to your respondents.

Sending certificate

Select a respondent and send their certificate with just a few clicks

Do this by going to the Test progress & results tab, and then selecting the Results table. Here, you will find two certificate delivery options: 

  1. Send certificates to selected respondents.  

  2. Download certificates for selected respondents.  

If you choose to download certificates first, you will then have to send them manually as email attachments or via your preferred messaging app.

What if certificates have already been sent when the grading criteria change?  

Changing grading criteria might affect online test grades and pass/fail marks. Make sure you review and then re-send certificates to all your respondents.  

Is it possible to send certificates automatically?  

We want to have full control over the distribution of certificates. That's why Testportal doesn't send certificates automatically after your respondents complete the test.

Find out more about how to generate a certificate on the Testportal platform.

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