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Testportal is the ultimate evaluation & feedback tool for training companies and departments.

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Effective online solution for all of your training needs

Move your training online and experience all the benefits, including easier day-to-day operations and insightful test results.

Check the skills and knowledge of your attendees before the start of new training to assess and prioritize their needs.

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Check the skills and knowledge of your trainees after the training. Easily measure their progress.

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Use our online test maker to gather feedback from your attendees to monitor the company/department tutors and their performance.

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Prepare your trainees for all kinds of exams by offering them unlimited access to practice tests.

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Prepare and run all kinds of final exams for your attendees. Award pre-generated or customized certificates available on Testportal.

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  Testportal app screen showing average result per question bar chart.

Simple and straightforward progress measuring

Using pre- and post-tests, as well as evaluation surveys, allows your training to be based on solid insights and free from bias. Automated analytics facilitate the introduction of additional metrics and KPIs.

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Quantify skills and knowledge evolution

Report only solid results to your higher-ups. Evaluate every piece of training to make sure it offers real value for money. Use Testportal’s data to build insightful client presentations.

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Testportal app screen with a group of respondents' detailed test results.

Prove the value of your training

Training companies can use online test results as hard data that supports their training pitch. With Testportal-based insights, it is easy to emphasize efficiency and ensure an excellent experience for the trainees.

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Numbers don’t lie. Use them.

Feature objective analytics collected directly from your tests, as well as feedback from the trainees. Help managers see the amazing value they receive for their money.

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Introduce a certification program

Show your full commitment to professionalism by creating certification programs. Congratulate your trainees after tests and present them with certificates they can be proud of.

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  Testportal app screen showing a personalized test completion certificate.

No complicated set up process

Fully optimized to facilitate online use by employees, trainees, or business partners. All in an easy and efficient way.

Both test owners and respondents can freely choose between a variety of devices, including desktops, laptops, tablets, and even mobile phones.

Various notification and access methods are available, each with different security levels. Test owners can also choose between the standalone web or Microsoft Teams app.

Smarter, stronger and better together

Whether you work as a team or a one-man army, make the most of your tests with our powerful, game-changing features.

Reap the benefits of teamwork

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Share your tests with your colleagues and gain access to their tests to combine your efforts and create better outcomes.

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Large organizations and departments often struggle to introduce one standard for all of their assessors. With Testportal, this has never been so easy.

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Common results base

A single test results base allows easy access to all the data gathered for each member of your team.

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Admin account & auditing

Oversee and analyze all your team operations from one place. Our platform facilitates management and provides real-time information about all assessments.

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More value for money

Scaling up doesn't have to mean breaking the bank. Additional user accounts come at a discounted price, and subscriptions are floating, so your team members can take turns using one.

For solo workers

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Perfect solutions for independent contractors and freelancers

Whether you work for your client from the comfort of your own home or prefer freelancing for various customers, Testportal allows you to get more done with less stress and hassle.

Choose an all-in-one online assessment platform that is easy to use and streamlines the workflow for both teams and individuals.

Touch base with our Customer Success team to find out how you can benefit from using Testportal solutions.

Security is our top priority

Only enterprise-level security solutions

All information and collected results are safe with us, in accordance with all relevant data protection regulations.

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Powerful SSL and encryption technologies

Enjoy cutting-edge anti-DDoS protection


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Cairnmead Industrial Consultants

This solution allows us to track the impact of the training easily and constantly strive for progress. This is why Testportal users will always know how they can improve and grow their businesses.

Corlia Gouws

Project Administrator

Designed to be the ultimate online assessment tool

If your training operations are inefficient or hard to measure, our online platform will streamline and facilitate them for you.

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