How to send certificates to respondents?

Sending certificates

If you know that the grading criteria for your assessment will not change, you can send certificates to the respondents immediately after they complete the test. Quick sending of the certificates to respondents confirms their participation in the test and results.

sending certificates

Choose the respondent and deliver their certificate with just a few clicks.

Do this by going to the Test progress & results tab, and then selecting the Results table. Here, you will find two certificate delivery options: 

  1. Send certificates to selected respondents.  
  2. Download certificates for selected respondents.  

If you choose to download certificates first, you will then have to send them manually as email attachments or via your preferred messaging app.

What if certificates have already been sent when the grading criteria change?  

You should re-send certificates as grades and pass/fail marks are likely to change as well.  

Is it possible to send certificates automatically?  

To give you full control over the certification process, certificates won't be sent automatically after your respondents complete the test.

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