Can respondents return to previous questions during the test?

You can allow respondents to go back to previous questions. This option can be enabled and disabled at the bottom of the Time settings page.

Allow answering questions in any order

You decide whether respondents can navigate back to previous questions

Next, simply save your changes with the Save button at the bottom of the page.

How to send the test to a collaborator?

You can share tests with other users if your accounts are within the same Testportal subscription. Sharing is possible for: EDU School, EDU University and MAX Customized.

Sending the test to collaborator

  1. Log in to your account.

  2. On the My tests screen, click the three dots icon on the test you want to share and then select Send to collaborator.

  3. In the Send test window, select the users you want to share the test with. Use the Send button to confirm.

  4. In the next step, you will see a confirmation window.

Send to collaborator

Sending a test to a collaborator

With Testportal, sending a test to a collaborator is simple and efficient.

How to copy a test?

Duplicating a test saves time and makes your job easier. Copying a test on Testportal helps you prepare new versions of your assessments. You don’t have to start from scratch. The original test configuration will be there to save you time, and you can change it anytime, according to your current needs.

Duplicating the test

  1. On the My tests screen, choose the three dots icon on the test you want to copy.

  2. Choose Duplicate option.

  3. In the Duplicate name field, you can edit the name of the test or write a new one.

  4. When you set the name for the new test, click the Duplicate button. You will return to the My tests page where the new test will appear.

How to copy the test

Duplicating a test saves time and makes your job easier

When you copy the test, all questions and test settings duplicate.

Please note whether you had the Random order of questions and answers option turned on in your original test, with the number of randomly selected questions (e.g., Draw 30 questions out of 30). When you add more questions to the copied test, you must update the number of randomized questions according to your needs.

Can Testportal create and conduct tests on my behalf?

Do you want to organize a test, contest or exam? We'll be happy to make it happen on your behalf.

How can Testportal assist me with test creation?

If you would rather have us prepare, configure, and share the test with your respondents, just let us know! When it comes to testing, we have a lot of experience.

  1. Send your request via the contact form or directly to In the message, include the following information:

  2. When is the test to be conducted?

  3. How many respondents will take part?

  4. Do you have questions ready in electronic form (and how many)?

  5. Will we be preparing just one test or several (In the case of a competition or contest)?

  6. How should we share the test with your respondents?

In addition, please describe any other test-related needs that you think we should know about. We will promptly reply with a detailed offer and competitive pricing.

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