1. Testportal users enjoy features that facilitate teamwork, such as sharing online tests with other sub-accounts within the same institutional subscription.

  2. They can also effortlessly copy an online test to re-use it or generate a new one based on the previously created one. Testportal facilitates easy test management, too, as users can delete their existing assessment with just a few clicks.

  3. Finally, Testportal offers conducting online quizzes, tests and exams on your behalf. When you need someone to organize a remote assessment for you, we'll be happy to lift the burden off your shoulders.

How to send test to another user on Testportal?

To make your teamwork easier and more efficient, you can share your online assessments with other users within your account. Sub-account users can help you create a test.

Testportal features test-sharing options with EDU School, EDU University and MAX Customized plans. You can find out more about our what options are available with our various subscriptions for education and business.

Sending a test to a collaborator

  1. Log in to your account.

  2. On the My tests screen, select the test you want to share, then click the three dots icon on it and select Send to collaborator.

  3. In the Send test window, choose the users you want to share the test with. Use the Send button to confirm.

  4. In the next step, you will see a confirmation window.

Send to collaborator

Sharing tests with collaborators takes only a few easy steps

Whenever you want to team up and work together on online assessments with your colleagues, Testportal is there for you. Sending a test to a collaborator is simple and efficient.

How to copy a test?

Copying test on Testportal is called duplicating. It saves time and makes your job much easier. Copying an online test on Testportal helps you prepare new versions of your assessments or correct mistakes if you've already activated a test. With duplication, you will never have to start from scratch.

The original test configuration will be there to save you time. You can change it anytime, according to your current needs.

How to duplicate a test?

  1. On the My tests screen, choose the test you want to copy, and click the three dots icon on it.

  2. Next, select the Duplicate option.

  3. In the Duplicate name field, you can edit the name of the test or enter a new one.

  4. When you enter the name for the new test, simply click the Duplicate button. You will return to the My tests page where the new test will be ready for you.

How to copy the test

Duplicating a test saves time and makes your job easier

When you copy the test, all questions and test settings duplicate as well.

Remember to check if the Random order of questions and answers option is on in your original test, along with the number of questions to be randomly selected (e.g., Draw 20 questions out of 30). When you add more questions to the duplicated (copied) test, you must update the randomization options, too.

How can I delete an online test?

All the tests you created are stored on your Testportal account. If for some reason, you would like to delete one of them, you can do it with just a few clicks.

Removing tests on Testportal

To delete a test:

  1. Log in to your account. In the My Tests view, you will see all the created assessments.

  2. Find the test you want to remove by hand or using the test search engine.

  3. In the upper-right corner of the selected test card, you will see a three dots icon. Click it, then choose Delete.

  4. Confirm by clicking the Delete test button, but remember that the test and all its results will be deleted permanently.

Remember, it is impossible to recover tests after you approve the deletion.

Delete the test

This is how you can delete a selected online test from your account

Conducting test on behalf of a user - is it possible on Testportal?

Are you looking to organize an online test, a contest or maybe an exam? Do you need some extra help with assessment questions, settings, access for your respondents, etc.? Trust the people who know, we'll be happy to assist you and make the test happen on your behalf. Big or small, we handle them all.

How can Testportal assist me with conducting test on behalf?

If you'd rather have us prepare, configure, and share the test with your respondents, just let us know! When it comes to testing, we have a lot of experience.

Send your request via the contact form or directly to In the message, include the following information:

  1. When are you going to conduct a test?

  2. How many respondents will take part?

  3. Do you have questions ready in electronic form (and how many)?

  4. Do you want us to prepare only one test or maybe several (In the case of a competition or contest)?

  5. How do you want us to share the test with your respondents?

In addition, describe any other test-related needs that you think we should know about. We will promptly reply with a tailored offer and competitive pricing.

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