Testportal statistics. How they help you learn more from test results.?

With our Statistics you will understand your respondents, their needs and turn your assessments into success stories.

What can you learn from Statistics?

Charts available in Statistics include only fully graded tests. If your test consisted fully or partially of open-ended questions, evaluate the answers before the results appear in the statistics. Below are the currently available indicators:

Test pass rate – This pie chart shows the percentages of passes and fails for the chosen test.

Grades distribution - Here you can see the grades distribution. It is available only if you defined point or percentage ranges during the test configuration.

Results histogram - This graph shows the most frequent percentage results and the number of results belonging to a specific range.


Valuable insights and analytics

Average answer time per question - This graph shows how much time it took respondents to answer each question. Longer or shorter response times may result from the difficulty level, complicated content, or indicate a lack of knowledge.

Average results for test questions - Here you can see questions rated "Easy", "Medium Difficulty" or "Difficult" by Testportal. Results are based on the average score obtained by the respondents for each question.

Answers distribution - Here you can see the percentage distribution of multiple-choice question answers chosen by your respondents.

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