How much personal data is required before taking the test?

In order to start the test, respondents usually need to provide personal data, depending on the test owner's settings.

How much personal data is required before taking the test?

If you are the test owner, you decide how much personal data is required. You can choose from available options and even create new fields, depending on your needs.

Start page and test start form

When creating the test, you will come across the Test start page in the Test Configuration section. The Test start page is nothing more than a space where you create instructions for respondents, and a Test start form. The latter will allow you to collect all necessary data from your respondents.

You can decide what data is important to you and needs to be provided by the respondents. Remember that each added field obliges the respondent to provide the appropriate data before starting the test.

You can use ready-made basic fields (such as first name and last name), add new ones from the pre-generated pool (e.g., email address, city, postal code) or add custom fields (by selecting Manage custom fields).

We also encourage you to familiarize yourself with data collection procedures available on our website in the Privacy Policy tab.

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