Deployment of the online testing platform


  1. Institutional plans come with additional user accounts, called sub-accounts.

  2. Sub-accounts are managed by the subscription administrator, who invites users to work within one Testportal plan.

  3. Sub-account users can send one another online tests, work with them and access the common results database.

  4. Testportal sub-account are available in web browsers and dedicated Microsoft Teams app.

This article will show you how to benefit from the most advanced Testportal plans. Discover our hi-end options that will make your online testing effortless and give you a wealth of actionable results. Read all about the useful features available with our institutional subscriptions.

Deployment of the online testing platform - introduction

You can access your Testportal account via:

  • Web browsers (we support major service providers: Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari, as well as others)

  • Dedicated Microsoft Teams app.

Our plans designed for business and educational institutions provide access to the Testportal platform for many users from the same organization. Users who want to create and conduct tests have independent accounts called sub-accounts. Administrators decide which users can access Testportal and form part of their institutional plan. 

Respondents do not need user accounts to take their tests

It is user-friendly, convenient and significantly reduces Testportal deployment time.

Online test access for respondents

Respondents can access their tests via generic links, group passwords, or individual access codes. Using individual access codes and a dedicated Microsoft Teams app guarantees the highest security level for your online quizzes, tests and exams.

Institutional plan configuration

Only users who have administrator privileges can access the Testportal admin panel. It is accessible by going to the My account menu and selecting the Sub-accounts tab.

Managing sub-accounts on the testing platform

The Testportal admin panel allows administrators to manage users’ sub-accounts effortlessly.

Administrators can add or remove sub-account users. Users enjoy Testportal privileges specified in the details of the purchased institutional plan. It is also possible to log in to all sub-accounts or change the existing account owners without losing any data.

Managing sub-accounts is simple and straightforward. When you add a sub-account, the new sub-account user receives an email invitation.

If your organization uses Microsoft 365, we highly recommend that you use Microsoft accounts to invite new sub-account users. Read more information about Microsoft integration.

How to add sub-accounts

Inviting new users to use Testportal sub-accounts takes only a few clicks

Online test results sharing

You can easily configure Testportal to allow all or some of your sub-account users to review the online test results collected within your institutional plan. This feature is very useful, for example, for recruitment teams, as it allows them to collaborate on a results database of all tests the job candidates take.

Shared results base

Online test result sharing settings on Testportal

Integration of the online testing platform with Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams

If your organization uses Microsoft 365, Testportal will be integrated with it too. You will also benefit from a dedicated Testportal app for Microsoft Teams.

Sign in with Microsoft

Sub-account users and administrators can sign in to the Testportal platform with their Microsoft accounts. No additional configuration is required if the administrator used the Microsoft accounts when inviting to sub-accounts. Existing (non-Microsoft) sub-accounts can also be connected to Microsoft accounts. Each sub-account user can do it easily by going to the My account menu and selecting the Password and sign in tab.

As we mentioned before, test respondents do not have user accounts on the Testportal platform. In their case, no configuration is required.

Testportal online testing app for Microsoft Teams

Testportal is also available as a Microsoft Teams app. The administrator can enable Microsoft Teams access for sub-account users in the administration panel.

As a Microsoft Teams app, Testportal requires only basic data from sub-account users for them to be able to use the “Sign in with Microsoft” feature.

Sub-account users can share online tests with their respondents using web browsers or the Microsoft Teams app by sharing tests in a selected team or chat. When using Microsoft Teams, respondents will have to agree to data-sharing. The same is required for sub-account users to sign in with a Microsoft account. This permission is needed for respondent authorization and to fill in basic fields on the test start page form.


Can I invite an existing Testportal user to our institutional plan?

Yes. However, please be aware that this will convert the individual account into an institutional sub-account. This action is irreversible, and after your institutional plan expires, the converted user will no longer be able to use the account as an individual user.

I have an existing account on the Testportal platform and want to use the “Sign-in with Microsoft” feature. Will that work?

Sure! To enable this feature, connect your existing Testportal account to your Microsoft account (Select the Password and sign in in the My account menu).

Do I use the same Testportal user account when signing in via Microsoft Teams and a web browser?

Yes. Whether you use Testportal in Microsoft Teams or via web browsers, you will use the same user account.

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