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The path to effective leadership in business

Inspire Leadership offers high-impact courses that help business managers lead with impact. With Testportal-based online assessments, their trainers save time and enjoy detailed, comprehensive effect analyses.

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Creating value in the business environment

Inspire Leadership is an established company dedicated to creating real value in the business environment. Promoting this principle in Poland and abroad since 2013, it has been conducting training in professional and personal effectiveness.

The company's clients include mainly influential organizations from the financial industry, legal, production and other sectors, and individuals. A group of highly competent experts trains clients in the fields of management, finance, marketing and sales. They all share a passion for leadership and personal development.

Online assessments for business - remote tests for recruitment, training and HR

More effective leadership with online testing

Training is conducted in-house or online in real-time with the trainer's participation. Its goal is to develop soft skills that require social interaction. The training groups are small and therefore very effective.

Due to the nature of the training, e-learning tools are not the main ones in use. Online tests created and carried out on Testportal are an integral part of the training offered by Inspire Leadership.

The training we conduct requires commitment and work from the participants. The Testportal-based test that the participants take has a mobilizing effect - both in terms of class attendance and the actual involvement in development on the participants' part.

Maciej Wisniewski

Chairman of the Board of Inspire Leadership Sp. z o.o.

In the course of the training, the company conducts about 2,000 tests a year. They are implemented during classes and after the completion of modules. The firm also uses practice and final tests. Each training ends with a certificate.

An assessment process of this kind requires a reliable and comprehensive solution. Testportal is intuitive, which allows for quick test preparation. With many training groups, it is necessary to submit tests and generate reports on the results efficiently.

Some of the training have a similar formula. Once prepared and conducted using Testportal, they can then be quickly modified for the needs of the next group of participants.

Professional training supported by online tests create better leaders for tomorrow

The training industry requires high reliability, especially when conducting real-time courses. Each can bring challenges related to technical problems or the unexpected absence of the trainer.

Testing with Testportal facilitates carrying out training according to the plan and ensures reliability. Features such as question randomization, Honest Respondent Technology or strict time limits on test access are simple to use but beneficial.

We highly appreciate the test reliability - for example, depending on the settings, the test duration can be adjusted, making cheating difficult or even impossible. At the same time - our test respondents are mature people and managers, so any deficiencies might harm their actual competencies.

Maciej Wisniewski

Chairman of the Board of Inspire Leadership Sp. z o.o.

The path leading to effective leadership consists, of course, not only of training but - above all - years of experience that can be shared with others. Finding good partners on this path, those who will help you achieve your goals is crucial. Testportal will continue to efficiently support Inspire Leadership in educating leaders in business.

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