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25,000 trees saved by a powerful online test maker

Our logo is green for a reason. Ever since we started Testportal, our modern remote assessments platform, cutting down on the amount of paper use has been a significant part of company policy.

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How do we do it?

Every traditional school quiz, university exam, company training or recruitment means countless sheets of paper used. Thanks to the digital revolution of online skills and knowledge assessments with Testportal, together with our clients, we managed to save about 25,000 trees. Hence the number in the title.


So far, Testportal users answered 1,014,802,755 test questions. The average number of questions per sheet is 5. That gives us nearly 202,960,551 sheets of paper. Divided by 8 000, the number of sheets per average-sized tree, it gives us 25,370 trees saved thanks to Testportal.

Why is it so important?

Despite many years of the digital revolution, the consumption of paper is on the rise. For example, an average citizen of the USA uses over 300 kg of paper annually. Only less than half of that is recycled. To produce that beautiful, white paper we can never get enough of, the industry uses gigantic volumes of water, as well as electricity and toxic chlorides. Apart from that, paper mills emit carbon dioxide, sulphur oxides, nitrates and phosphates.

At the same time, we print as much as we can. We don't write on both sides of a sheet of paper, love flyers, and burn paper rather than recycle it. And supply has to meet demand. We keep on cutting down forests. Spruces, firs, poplars and beeches disappear, and with them, the natural habitat for many animal species. Of course, by law, new trees are often planted to replace the old ones. Unfortunately, such forests don’t support biodiversity. Monocultures and production forests are not good places for nature to thrive.

How can we save forests and their biodiversity?

The best solution is to cut down on paper usage. We can achieve this noble goal with modern tools, such as Testportal.

This online test builder, dedicated to educational and business users, is a green alternative to wasting countless sheets of paper. Testportal took skills and knowledge assessments to the internet. It is easy to use, efficient and offers a wealth of data analyses, which is why it gained worldwide recognition.

Testportal facilitates online quizzes and exams. Training and recruitments. Polls and workforce evaluations. All without a single sheet of paper. And all the results are stored in secure clouds. Unlike their paper counterparts, they are available 24/7 from any device. The advantages for the customers are apparent. The benefits for the environment - incredible.

Our ultimate goal

We develop Testportal hoping that more companies and institutions will choose efficient, effective, intelligent and green online skills and knowledge assessment solutions. By doing so, we will cut down on paper usage and collectively make the world a better place for ourselves and our posterity.

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