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Better service quality with online tests at DHL

The company employs over 400,000 people who deliver 1,614,000,000 parcels annually in 220+ countries. The continuous, steady growth of DHL would be impossible without the competencies of its workforce.

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DHL&Testportal, advanced online tests for business

The need for effective testing

It was 2019 when the Polish branches of DHL faced the challenge of introducing a new knowledge testing tool. The important issue was the ability to present all results with graphs and statistics after the assessments. Without the expenditure of extra time and effort to prepare them. It would accelerate analysis and drawing conclusions about the level of knowledge of the workforce.

We have always been testing our employees online. However, the previous form lacked a tool to smoothly analyze all results. The company uses assessments, mainly for positive personal development, to a lesser extent for determining gaps in skills and knowledge.

Hirek Chmielowiec

OPS Trainer

DHL tests are mostly about our offer and sales processes. We test our operations team, sales personnel and couriers. They use our knowledge base daily, and it is also available to them during the tests. It is paramount that an employee who doesn't know the answer to a question be able to look it up in the available material and not simply leaves the problem unsolved.

After a brief search, we discovered that Testportal ticked all the boxes, was able to meet DHL's demands and offered superior training quality.

We turned to Testportal because it was a comprehensive platform that facilitates preparation, running and grading group tests in a modern way. During each stage, it also allows many configuration options.

Hirek Chmielowiec

OPS Trainer

DHL tests the knowledge of all the employees in the Polish branches. The firm employs a considerable number of persons, so a simple test sheet preparation process was a must. They differ based on the department and position. Most of them include single- or multiple-choice questions. Some contain attachments in the form of images. Other times it is necessary to conduct a test using short, open-ended questions. It all depends on what skills and knowledge we need to assess or strengthen.

DHL couriers assessed with online tests

Challenges in the face of COVID-19 pandemic

The pandemic brought significant changes to DHL's training department. In fact, it turned the team's life upside down. Before COVID, the company used to train in designated spaces, all around Poland. Restrictions implemented to curb the spread of the virus made us transform training to their online version, using relevant apps to support the process. We found organizing engaging online sessions in such a way that participants are active but still on the subject very challenging.

On the organizational level, it all seemed difficult, however, tests proved to be less in need of changing due to the flexibility of the Testportal solutions for remote, hybrid or on-site work. DHL was able to deal with all the issues. Online training proved to be as effective as stationary. Positive changes included the hardware requirements. Until that time we had only been using our company computers. With Testportal, respondents could take their tests from any device and from anywhere, at home or at work.

Reports and statistics for a full overview of the workforce competencies

The introduction of new tools had positive effects on DHL. Training processes and faster and more effective. Knowledge tests and their results show the areas that require more training care. This way of testing knowledge is very reliable and provides a full scope of the workforce competencies.

In our case, online assessments are currently the only means of employees' knowledge verification. We think this form of evaluation is up-to-date, effective and doesn't distort insights.

Hirek Chmielowiec

OPS Trainer

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