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How Testportal supports successful hybrid education in a primary school

Testportal supported digital education in Primary School nr 2 in Bielsko-Biala before the pandemic. During the outbreak of COVID-19, it facilitated an easy switch to remote teaching.

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A reliable platform not only for the times of the pandemic

The first short test took place during science class, with the help of tablets owned by the Primary School nr 2 in Bielsko-Biala. Other teachers quickly noticed the benefits of online assessments, and the testing automation spread to other subjects.

One day I thought of an app that would free me from using paper for my tests. One that would let me save time and resources. That was when I found Testportal.

Pawel Kakol

Science and ICT teacher in the Primary School nr 2 in Bielsko-Biala

COVID-19 forced schools to go entirely remote and adopt digital tools in March 2020. It was a significant issue for many institutions without previous contact with that technology.

With Testportal, the change in Primary School nr 2 was fast and smooth

Testportal was hardly a novelty for the teachers. Most of them perfectly knew its advantages, so it was natural for them to choose this platform. Soon, all tests moved online. The school could look now into other matters of remote education, such as the Learning Management System software.

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An easy solution to the problem of online results reliability

An effortless switch from on-site to remote classes raised questions about the reliability of online assessments. Before, students used to take tests in their classrooms, proctored by teachers.

How could one guarantee the same quality during online education? Would students resort to unauthorized aids during their evaluations? Would they have to repeat the entire curriculum after the return to on-site schooling?

The first tests proved that Testportal excels in proctoring students, among others, with its Honest Respondent Technology. Restrictive time limits for particular questions and entire tests helped, too.

The ability to create various test sets and order randomization mechanisms considerably decreased the risk of test cheating.

From a science test to grading behavior

The implementation of digital tools exceeded the early uses for skills and knowledge testing based on the curriculum. The school now uses Testportal for homework, while the students who can't attend on-site classes for medical reasons take online tests during the remote classes.

For Primary School nr 2 in Bielsko-Biala, Testportal became the foundation for reliable and unbiased behavior grading at the end of each term. Form teachers prepare online surveys, and later send them to other educators who teach their classes.

The received feedback gives them detailed insights into student behavior. They also send surveys to their students so they can self-assess and grade their peers. Proposed grades often lead to discussions during classes.

With Testportal, Primary School nr 2 in Bielsko-Biala can also do surveys on different aspects of school life. Sometimes issues include school representatives for a particular occasion. Other times, questions concern class trips or parent/guardian-related matters.

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An A+ online assessment platform

Teacher reviews of Testportal are overwhelmingly positive. Many educators stress that this solution saves the time they would otherwise have to spend grading tests by hand.

The ability to draw questions from predefined pools saves them the burden of creating new tests from scratch. A wealth of reports and statistics gives detailed information on test quality. It also facilitates comparing the results of different student groups.

What is most important, though, is that with Testportal the teachers of Primary School nr 2 in Bielsko-Biala have more time for their students. It dramatically improved the quality of education and student participation.

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