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Periodic knowledge assessments as a key to worldwide success

In the beginning, what you need is a good concept phase. This is what the PWR Racing Team calls the initial stage of the project, at which the vision of a new racing car takes shape. The vehicle then becomes the apple of the eye for 70 members of the Wrocław University of Science and Technology Strategic Science Club. It's been their passion and commitment to the project that gave them success both domestically and internationally.

Testportal and PWR Racing Team

Technical knowledge is the starting point of achievement

First place in Polish Formula Student, 11 racing cars built, 120 sponsors and partners. Those are only a few numbers that show just how established the PWR Racing Team is among their competition. This Science Club is like a well-oiled machine, just as the vehicles they create to win races. Each department of the PWR is responsible for a different part of the car. One is in charge of the powertrain, while others oversee electronics, aerodynamics and suspension. 

PWR Racing Team car on the track

Our team is very interdisciplinary. Creating a racing car from scratch takes a lot of expertise from various fields of engineering. To better manage our operations, we are divided into departments. Those are composed of members with specialist knowledge and a solid skill set. Apart from that, as a group, we all have to know rigorous competition regulations that specify the details of the project of our racing car. That is why periodic knowledge assessments play such an important role here.

Adam Twardowski, Technical leader

Due to the character of the tasks facing the Science Club members, team leaders were quick to notice that regular evaluations of both candidates and current members were paramount. Possible errors at the planning, design or construction stage are simply unacceptable. For months now, all the team leaders have been assessing the knowledge of their team members using Testportal.

The goal: outstanding results

Creating a racing car is a demanding task. To make the entire team possess the technical knowledge necessary to keep up with the ever-changing rules and regulations, even more so. Race qualifiers consist of tests taken by teams from all over the world. Possible failure during the evaluations preceding the race would exclude the PWR Racing Team from participating. Despite the fact that they could have created the ultimate racing car.

Thanks to the support from Testportal, PWR Racing Team uses online assessment solutions designed for institutions. This way, department leaders can have their own sub-accounts within one subscription. The decision-makers can oversee all operations of a particular team with the shared results database. 

With the number of active members and the division into teams, the project supervision by the Team Leader and the Technical Leader is crucial. Using the admin accounts, shared results database as well as tests and results preview, we can constantly oversee the knowledge of the entire team. Those features reduce communications to an absolute minimum, saving us a lot of time and allowing for fast verification of knowledge of all members. Apart from that, all the created tests are available in one place, regardless of whether they are for the entire team, a department or specialistic ones.

Radosław Wrobel, Team Leader