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High quality of service with 3M+ customers

At Kinguin, they know that fast and professional customer service is the basis of any business. Knowledge tests for consultants allowed them to maintain the highest quality of service on the road to 3 million satisfied customers in less than 3 years.

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A global e-commerce company

Kinguin is a game sales platform founded in 2013. It is a global player on the e-commerce market, with millions of customers from all over the world. Importantly - satisfied customers who recommend the platform to their friends. The company's mission is to enable the entire world to immediately buy computer game keys and programs at the lowest price.

Customer service in such an environment is a real challenge. We provide support in 18 languages, 24/7. Despite the enormous automation of sales, assisting all customers requires the involvement of over 100 consultants.

Anna Lubarska, quality manager at Kinguin, told us how the company succeeded in maintaining the highest customer service standards in a dynamically growing team.

Kinguin office

Testportal allows us to better understand our employees and accurately identify training needs. Knowledge assessments are a crucial element of quality control in our company. They allow us to determine whether employees' mistakes are due to insufficient training or carelessness.

Anna Lubarska

Customer Service Quality Manager

Find a strategy for your growing customer service team

Even in 2014, knowledge verification in the customer service team was in the initial stage of development. After the training for new employees, one paper-based knowledge test was carried out, and then the team members watched each other's work. That strategy did not work.

We needed quality control procedures. Training plans and individual reports on each person's performance. We decided to introduce the standards of the best operating contact centers in the world. Periodic knowledge tests were assumed to be an important component of the report. The report for each employee consisted of the quality and performance assessment, the result of the online test and the level of language skills.

An important argument in favor of periodic knowledge reviews was also the fact that the company's offer was subject to periodic corrections and changes. Ensuring that the team was keeping up with the changes was very important in this case.

The introduction of periodic tests in Kinguin was made possible by Testportal. The implementation of this task on paper would be practically impossible. We had not chosen the e-learning platform, because most of the training had to be done in a traditional form. Implementing an app for online testing was the perfect solution. The tests were automated, so tutors could focus on training rather than checking tests.

Marco Procopio

Customer Service Manager

Online tests allow us to examine both branches of the company remotely. Tests validate automatically, and managers can immediately review the results. The test statistics make it possible to understand which questions the employees had the most trouble with.

An additional benefit of using the tests is a positive motivating factor. Each knowledge verification encourages reviewing the material. Participation is an opportunity to show that substantive preparations are taken seriously. The best people on the team receive rewards, and there are no consequences for bad results. They are only considered important information that the employee should pay attention to.

The solutions adopted at Kinguin gave tangible results. The customer service team boasts a low negative feedback rate from users. Thanks to the thorough knowledge of consultants, the time to solve problems is shortened, which means that the team's efficiency is high, and the average assessment of its work in the surveys is superb.

Testportal enabled to regularly verify the substantive preparation of consultants with close to zero workload. Automating the employees' knowledge assessments is one of the pillars of the company's strategy aimed at ensuring the highest quality of customer service.

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