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How to achieve effectiveness in remote recruitment?

Here are some of the most important benefits of cooperation with Testportal for RSM Poland, one of the leading consulting services companies in Poland and globally. Using modern online assessment tools the firm is able to gain a better understanding of people applying for available openings and select those who, with their skills and knowledge, are perfect matches for its requirements.

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RSM Poland offers professional accounting outsourcing, audit, tax and consulting services. It is part of a global network of consulting companies operating in 120 countries and employing 48,000 professionals. RSM Poland has 4 offices with over 230 employees and is the 10th largest audit company in this country. To maintain operational efficiency on a large scale, it only uses reliable tools. One of these tools is Testportal, an easy test maker, designed to optimize recruitment processes.

We used Testportal for the first time back in 2017, when we were recruiting for our Audit Department. The outbreak of the pandemic in 2020 made us look for a way to increase the scope of remote recruitment. Above all, we wanted to present candidates with the ability to take tests online and established that Testportal met all of our requirements. The outcome was positive, and we decided to renew our cooperation.

Agnieszka Czarnecka

HR and recruitment specialist at RSM Poland

Faster, more effective recruitment

RSM Poland recruits professionals for its audit, accounting, legal consulting, tax consulting and IT departments. Filling vacancies is different for each of them, but it always takes place in a hybrid environment. The initial stages of each recruitment cycle take place online, including versatile Testportal assessments customized for particular positions. Further interviews take place in offices. With this selection process, recruitment can include more candidates, it’s much faster and more accurate.

Finding a fit between the candidates' expectations and the competencies required by the company is evaluated using online tests consisting of open-ended questions, which require longer answers. Foreign language assessments consist of questions with one correct answer. With the ability to control the respondent's activity in the test browser with the Honest Respondent Technology, assessment results are very reliable.

Candidates applying for the openings at RSM Poland appreciate the ability to take recruitment tests at their convenience, including on their smartphones. This is a significant benefit that has an enormous influence on the positive reception of the recruitment process. So far, online assessments created by RSM Poland using Testportal have been taken by over 1300 people.

Due to the business model of the company and job responsibilities, applicants appreciate being able to do their Excel tasks online. With Testportal, they can download the spreadsheets, finish their assignments, and then attach files to a test answer.

Online tests greatly improved recruitment processes at RSM Poland. They accelerated skills and knowledge assessment for a larger group of applicants. Time saved at the initial stages of the selection is used to get to know better the job-seekers motivation and qualifications during the next stages of recruitment.

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