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Edutainment company's success story: fully remote with 5000+ online tests

In July 2020, with the state program aimed at helping people deal with the impact of the COVID 19, Skillrocks, an edutainment platform from Armenia got acquainted with Testportal. Their goal was to lead and inspire people in their personal and professional development.

Testportal and Skillrocks

The brave new online world

Overnight it became impossible to train in a way all Skillrocks customers had been used to. Busy offices emptied, and all companies focused on the health and safety of their employees. It was a huge blow to the company. They had to find a way to continue performing against the odds. Luckily, they did.

The Armenian state institute contacted companies with a list of tools that they could use to ensure the continuity of work in the sectors most affected by the pandemic. Quick research allowed the Skillrocks team to agree that Testportal met their requirements. This decision was crucial because the company had never conducted that kind of activity online.

“We needed a tool that was quick to implement, reliable and intuitive. The first time with Testportal, it took us about an hour to get to know most of the features. In that time, we managed to create a test, configure and share it using private access codes”.

Skillrocks Team

Reaching the clients

Skillrocks is an edutainment platform and one of the most successful projects of Skill – an event marketing company from Armenia. They are also engaged in business education. They have been working towards their goals since 2016. Back then, they concentrated on events, conferences, b2b meetings and training. What is common for those activities? They require direct contact with people.

It suddenly became impossible, so the company reached out to Testportal and started using an online tests platform for their skills and knowledge evaluations. All business training and courses available on their website could then be easily assessed.

By the time we reached out to Skillrocks to discuss their success story, they had gathered more than 5000 test results on their Testportal account.

From July 2020 to October 2021, Skillrocks created a constant workflow between their courses platform and Testportal evaluations. It was never a problem for their clients and partners since respondents didn’t have to register on Testportal to take the tests.

“The first time we provided them with a test link with access codes the emails were delivered in seconds.”

Skillrocks Team

Teamwork with Testportal

A two-strong team is responsible for all the Testportal-related activities at Skillrocks. They create, conduct and analyze tests for the whole company, deliver results and certificates for happy respondents who participate in their courses.

“Easily customized certificates are hands down the best Testportal feature there is. Our respondents love to have certificates, and we are able to generate and send them with two clicks after we have the results”.

Skillrocks Team

Now that restrictions are slowly easing, Skillrocks can return to business as usual. Does it mean they are going to stop using Testportal? Definitely not.

“Testportal allows for over a thousand respondents simultaneously while our offices have limited capacity. We are definitely continuing with Testportal after the pandemic is over”.

Skillrocks Team