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Consulting firm + online tests = productivity boost

A South African company uses Testportal for Microsoft Teams to remotely assess their personal development. The result is a significantly improved learning curve.

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Quality matters

Especially when you operate in a demanding Health and Safety industry. Cairnmead Industrial Consultants is a South African health and safety company with a wealth of knowledge that they use to advise, guide, and implement vital procedures and standards.

Cairnmead operates in the field of Occupational Health and Safety Act, other regulations, and associated South African National Standards compliance. It also provides operational inspections and audits of existing buildings to ensure the overall safety of the structure.

Happy, bearded construction site inspector, trained with Testportal for Microsoft Teams

When it comes to construction site health and safety, there can be no shortcuts

Each month, Cairnmead assesses and certifies over 100 employees who use these tests for their CPD - Continuing Professional Development. Evaluations organized by the company are not a walk in the park. The pass threshold of 80% for their test clearly demonstrates their dedication to the highest standards. Questions must be challenging.

The quest for a reliable remote test platform

With experience gained from working on numerous projects, including international sites, the team is experts who know that the software they use must be professional too. Unfortunately, Cairnmead struggled to find a suitable assessment solution.

Their expectations were high. It should be able to support cooperation within a distributed team and provide detailed insights into test respondents’ progress. Something none of the previously implemented software could do.

Enter the proficient assessment platform

Everything changed for the better when they started working with Testportal in Microsoft Teams.

The new solution proved to be a powerful but simple, set-and-forget platform. By combining the features of an online assessment platform with a videoconferencing tool, Cairnmead was finally able to test better, faster, and get actionable results.

Testportal also introduced automation, which freed team members to other duties.

Our company has used online assessment software before. The first choice of Microsoft Forms proved to be far from perfect. The biggest issue was that it required grading tests by hand, which took a lot of time. Testportal made this serious problem a thing of the past. 

Corlia Gouws

Project administrator

The happy ending and the continuous growth

With the new software, the effects came immediately:

  • Cairnmead now uses an online skills and knowledge assessment platform built for Microsoft Teams. Testportal’s seamless integration with Microsoft Teams means the app is always available, no matter where the employees are.

  • The team adopted Testportal swiftly and got immediate benefits of a ready-to-use internal knowledge testing system for their consultants' continuous learning development.

  • Cairnmead improved the personnel's learning curve by operating a new testing and certification platform perfect for a distributed environment.

The new platform proved to be an incredibly easy, plug-and-play solution. Its user-friendliness is praised by the staff and the assessment respondents. They continue to appreciate the intuitiveness of the solution and the fact that they can take their tests on any mobile device.

Another fantastic feature of Testportal for Microsoft Teams is that it makes creating tests simple and fast. Cairnmead specialists need only 10 minutes to prepare a typical test, and up to 30 minutes for the most complex ones. I have a setup that I use regularly. With Testportal, I can easily duplicate the test to proceed with a similar one. It only takes a few minutes.

Corlia Gouws

Project administrator

Key takeaways

With Testportal in Microsoft Teams used for employee development, Cairnmead was able to elevate its assessment processes, making them easier, faster, and more productive than ever before. The team is now trained, experienced, motivated and happy.

We focus on personal development. We believe that you need to develop as a person and, with that, your career. When it comes to safety mechanisms, we use basic security. It is simple enough. With Testportal, online assessments are just a part of what it offers. This solution allows us to track the impact of the training easily and constantly strive for progress. This is why Testportal users will always know how they can improve and grow their businesses.

Corlia Gouws

Project administrator

How Testportal in Teams helped Cairnmead to boost its productivity

  • It enabled easy countrywide collaboration for the company employees.

  • It simplified and largely automated monthly testing and certification for over 100 consultants.

  • If allowed for effortless tracking of all their consultants’ test results and detailed reports on their progress.

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