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Corporate contest for school students? We’ll deliver the highest quality with the benefit of hands-free grading.

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We can screen all of your candidates and provide complex feedback on applications received.

Tests on behalf

We offer streamlined, thorough assessments processes for high-stake, professional evaluations and certifications.

Tests on behalf
Tests on behalf

From test configuration and execution to the results summary in the format of your choice.

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Whether you’re assessing a one-man-army or a posse, we have all the right solutions ready.

Automated mix-and-match tests or the same sets of questions for everyone. The choice is yours.

Let your respondents take a trial test before they proceed to the high-stake.

Proctoring solutions and safe test access to guarantee reliable results that benefit your organization.

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Don’t worry. When it comes to the numbers, we can handle as many respondents as you throw at us. And then some.

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Complex testing processes call for modern solutions to yield positive results. Testportal is a one-stop source for everything your assessment activities require.

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We offer tailored solutions based on a thorough understanding of your needs. We adapt to your agenda to deliver yet another professional assessment success story.

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University of Warsaw

The Main Committee of the Security and Defence Knowledge Competition used Tesportal twice during the 5th edition of the Olympics in the pandemic environment. Both the district (600 participants) and central (150 participants) stages were made possible by detailed reports and statistics prepared by the Testportal team. It allowed us to quickly pick the winners. We especially value great contact with the Testportal team, who were very helpful in choosing the best test parameters. Another significant feature was the Honest Respondent, which facilitates testing in the controlled autonomy environment. We can definitely recommend this platform for all kinds of contests and competitions. We are also considering introducing online tests permanently on the central stage.

Marta Rojewska, Ph.D.

Secretary of the Security and Defence Knowledge Competition

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