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Testportal: 10x faster assessment creation with the new AI feature

Trainers and team leaders can now upload their training content and turn it into business quizzes instantly. Experience the power of generative AI in just few clicks.

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March 30, 2023

Testportal business users can now provide our AI with context for their quiz, test or exam and get a set of ready-made, relevant and clear online test questions.

By streamlining the process, generative AI saves time, enhances personalization, and ultimately reshapes the enterprise training and LMS landscape for the better.

This breakthrough feature is a testament to Testportal's commitment to innovation and dedication to providing business professionals with the best tools to succeed.

Testportal AI can generate questions related to: 

  • product or service information materials,

  • manuals,

  • technical specifications,

  • and… any of your training content!

This boosts assessment creation productivity by an amazing 10x.

Off-the-shelf quizzes are not ideal for training content that is unique for each enterprise. On the other hand, team leaders struggle to create and update quizzes while juggling other tasks. Testportal AI is here to help!

How to create an online test with AI?
  1. Provide Testportal AI with input - a knowledge source that it'll use as a base to generate a test, quiz or exam. It works with any content, even not publicly available.

  2. Select the number of questions and their type (currently available are single- and multiple-choice).

  3. Let our algorithms analyze text to suggest questions and answers.

  4. Accept AI’s suggestions or provide more input and generate them again.

  5. Review generated questions. Add attachments and more answers (if required).

I’m convinced that an AI revolution is taking place, and we want to be ahead of the game, offering our users solutions for tomorrow, today.

Krystian Dabrowski

Co-founder & CEO at Testportal

About Testportal

Serving 2.5M+ users worldwide, Testportal is a leader in online assessment software for business professionals and institutions who require constant access to reliable and insightful information from their audience, coworkers, trainees, etc. 

With many different types of test questions, Testportal covers multiple assessment areas, ranging from soft skills and cognitive ability to coding, enabling businesses to make informed decisions.

It also features other revolutionary options, such as the Honest Respondent Technology, which offers light, non-intrusive online proctoring at a fraction of the cost of other platforms.


Krystian Dabrowski
Co-founder & CEO