Why can't I sign in to my Testportal account?

If you can't sign in to your Testportal account, please read about most commonly occurring problems and solutions to them.

How to log into Testportal

To start working on tests, go to the Testportal website and find the Login button. After entering the email address associated with the account and the correct password, click Sign in.

If you've previously linked your Testportal account with your Microsoft account, you only need one button to log in: Continue with Microsoft.

Frequent login problems

Most often, problems occur when logging in when the user enters the incorrect email address or password. Make sure that both the address and password are entered correctly (without typos and distinguishing between upper- and lower-case letters). Please note that Testportal is case-sensitive.

If you have more than one email address, make sure that the correct address was used to register on Testportal. It often happens that our users use business emails, and yet — out of habit — they try to log in with personal email addresses.

Additionally, if you registered with a Microsoft account (Sign up with Microsoft), logging in will only be possible using the option Continue with Microsoft. Any attempts to log in with email and password will fail.

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