I didn’t receive the activation code. What do I do?

After registering on Testportal, your account remains inactive until activated. By default, an email with a code should appear in your inbox within a few minutes of registration.

What if there is no activation code in my inbox?

The most common reasons for not receiving a message with an activation code are:

  • Problems with your mail provider (some inboxes block incoming messages from Testportal).

  • Using an incorrect email address during registration.

  • Overlooking a message with an activation link because it was delivered to a different folder (e.g., "Offers" or "SPAM").

Can I activate the account without the activation code?

Contact our Customer Success team via the contact form or write directly to support@testportal.net. Our team will be happy to activate your account manually, and you will then be able to use all the features of Testportal.

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