How to add sub-accounts to a subscription?

Some of our business and educational plans provide access to the Testportal platform for multiple users from the same organization. Coworkers who create and conduct tests have independent accounts called sub-accounts. It is up to the subscription administrator to decide which users can access Testportal and be part of the institutional plan.

Managing sub-accounts on Testportal

The Testportal admin panel allows administrators to manage sub-accounts. They can add or remove users. Sub-account users can use Testportal's features on the terms specified in the purchased plan. Administrators can also log in to all sub-accounts or change the existing account owner without losing any data.

How to get subscription with sub-accounts?

Sub-accounts are available to users of three plans. Our business offer includes MAX Customized, which is quoted individually, based on the user's needs. A request for such a quote can be sent to our team using the contact form.

For education institutions, we have prepared two plans that allow you to add sub-accounts: EDU School and EDU University. To receive an individual quote for an educational institution, contact our representative via the contact form.

The next steps on the way to purchasing a plan with sub-accounts will be presented to you in detail by our representative.

How to add a sub-account?

Testportal's admin panel can be accessed by users that have administrator status by going to My account > Sub-accounts.

Click Add sub-account and enter the email address of the user who is going to join your institutional plan. Confirm the operation with the Send invitation button. The invitation to join the institutional plan will be sent to the owner's email address.


Administrators can easily add sub-accounts.

Adding a sub-account sends an email invitation to the new sub-account user. If your organization uses Microsoft 365, we recommend using Microsoft accounts when inviting sub-account users.

How to delete a sub-account?

The operation of removing the sub-account from the subscription deletes all data from this account and is irreversible. As a result, the sub-account is deleted from the Testportal platform. This is done in the same way as deleting user accounts from other systems.

I want to join the license as a sub-account. How can I do this?

The right to use Testportal within an institutional plan is granted by the subscription administrator. Find out who the administrator is in your company, or institution, and then ask that person for an access.

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