Almost everything about assessments and how to use them

Assessing employees allows businesses to identify high-performers, discover new opportunities and make necessary changes to improve overall efficiency.

Business training and recruitment rely heavily on the proper use of assessments and evaluations
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Understanding assessment

Verifying knowledge with assessments is the best framework for the development.

Assessing helps you identify the strengths and weaknesses of your respondents. They pinpoint areas for improvement, help discover new opportunities and, as a result, allow you to make more informed decisions.

If you want to go beyond simple grades and percentages to gain deeper insights into the performance of your test-takers, assessments are your way to go. They provide invaluable data that you can use to set goals, track progress, and strive for excellence. Assessments also provide valuable feedback and are important for individual and organizational growth.

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Methods of assessment

Quizzes, tests and exams. Assessments and evaluations. Are you sure you know the differences and can use the right one to get actionable results? Read our extensive 101 and discover how to gain insights into the performance of your groups and their individual members.

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Assessment types

Understanding your respondents' knowledge, skills, and abilities requires proficient use of various types of assessments. Read more about diagnostic, summative and formative approaches and use them to get better results.

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Take your assessments online. Enjoy more actionable insights.

Ensure that learners are actively engaged. Measure not just what they know, but also how they think and apply their skills knowledge. Get automated, detailed result analyses and statistics.

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