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See 7 reasons why Testportal is a brilliant idea for classroom teaching

After a very demanding 2020, students were finally able to return to their classrooms. Schools and teachers are trying to embrace the new normal, but does it mean they should abandon all the knowledge and online tools they mastered during the worst days of the COVID-19 pandemic and remote schooling? Definitely not!

Students using online test builder during on-site learning


  • Testportal-based online assessments are a great tool to use in school.
  • They are engaging, effortless to prepare and can be reused endlessly.
  • They are great for assigning homework, taking mock tests before high-stake exams and for students who cannot attend school

Online assessment platforms can still be incredibly helpful. The environment changed, but universal tools such as Testportal offer a wealth of applications for in-classroom use too. One of the most exceptional advantages is the ability to reuse online tests indefinitely. Once they are created, teachers can use them for different classes or modify them to effortlessly prepare new assessments. They also always come with automated grading of most question types and incredibly detailed results analysis, which helps teachers to precisely evaluate students’ knowledge.

1. Ideal tool for assigning engaging homework

Traditional homework is in many ways an ineffective teaching and learning technique. It is easy to copy it from a friend, even just before the lesson. Checking all of it in the classroom leaves little time for the actual teaching, and it takes ages to mark all the homework by hand after school. Solution?

Testportal-based homework has many incredible advantages. Teachers can assign different tasks to different students to make sure they are challenged but not discouraged. It is easy to give slightly diverse problems to each student and therefore eliminate the problem of cheating. Teachers can use it for maths, physics or chemistry, but it will also work for languages, geography, literature, ICT and more! Assigning varied homework pretty much eliminates the problem of copying the results from colleagues.

Teachers don’t have to worry about the time-consuming test grading as Testportal does that for them. The platform also gives access to a wealth of detailed statistics that are crucial to assessing strong and weak points of students’ knowledge. Online homework boosts digital competencies and teaches students from a very young age that computers aren’t only for fun.

Educators can also notify parents about the homework to ensure that students who forget about their tasks receive a friendly reminder from their mums and dads. No more "I forgot" or "the dog ate my homework".

2. Mock tests before high-stakes exams

Schools are open again, and soon they will start organizing end-of-term and other crucial exams, including high-stakes evaluations. There is never enough time for in-school learning. The traditional model, based on paper tests, leaves little time for grading. Fortunately, that process can be accelerated and simplified, with the benefit of more insightful data.

Automatic grading gives immediate results, organized in a way that facilitates seeing both the bigger picture and incredible details. Teachers are aware of which topics need reviewing, as they are the most challenging to the students. With all those statistics and analytics, it is easy to prevent bad test results, a long time before those assessments even start.

Another paramount factor is the stress related to all kinds of evaluations. It is easy to mitigate it by allowing students to rehearse more and offering limited or unlimited mock tests. Testportal supports both options and is a perfect platform for students to get used to what the real test will look like.

3. Smartphone quizzes

Yes. Everyone knows that most schools have “no mobiles” policies. Yet, most kids still take their phones to school, so why fight an impossible battle when you can use those devices to your advantage? Imagine the looks on students’ faces the first time the teacher says: “bring your mobiles to the classroom tomorrow”.

This solution guarantees high student engagement, with all the benefits of remote assessments for the teachers: rapid results, automatic grading and feedback, as well as advanced statistics. All it takes to start the online evaluation in the classroom environment is test access. Teachers can share it via links and even write them on the whiteboard.

As many schools still have only a few fully digital classrooms, quizzes on smartphones make a great solution to the problem. Teachers should, however, be aware that some of their students might not have a mobile at all, or the screen of their device might be cracked, making taking a test difficult, if not impossible. Schools can address poverty, and digital exclusion issues by preparing several of their own devices and distributing them among students who couldn't bring their smartphones. There is always an option to print the test for students too.

4. ICT classroom-based quizzes and tests

Most forms only have one or two computer science lessons a week, so those classrooms could be put to even better use. For example, to teach and do online tests on virtually any subject. Take your students there and assess their knowledge and skills with Testportal.

Constant evaluation of students’ knowledge is paramount for their good end results. Tests play an important role in every modern-day exam, and often revisions will surely result in better outcomes.

5. Immediate feedback for formative assessment

Make sure your pupils comprehend your teaching. Use the last 5 minutes of your classes to check how much your students managed to learn. Prepare a quick online test, consisting of no more than 5 questions, covering the most crucial parts of the lesson. Before they go, ask them to take an online test, and within seconds, you will have all the insights you need. With this knowledge available in the form of detailed reports, you can adjust your teaching to help your students achieve more.

6. Continuity of education for stay at home students

Sometimes kids get sick. Or their parents are unable to drive them to school. Or they can't attend school for other reasons. During both short- and long-term absence, provided those students feel good enough to participate online, they no longer have to miss out on their classes!

With this modern online test builder, they can enjoy an experience as close to actually being in the classroom as possible. Teachers can send them tasks in real-time, just as they do at school, and expect results within the same deadlines. They can even use live conferencing platforms, like Microsoft Teams or Zoom, to let the stay-at-home kids see the classroom and their teacher. Thanks to the video conferencing capabilities, educators can also see students (subject to the consent of their parents or guardians) and make sure they participate in the lesson, not play games or watch TV.

7. Ecological solution not just in theory

When you teach your students about the importance of ecology, it is good to lead by example. Switching from paper to online tests in a digital classroom environment saves tons of paper, literally. On top of that, educators no longer have to carry bags full of test sheets or waste evenings and even nights on grading countless quizzes. Testportal automates that process for most question types, so teachers receive a report with their group achievements seconds after the test has finished. Those reports can be downloaded or sent via email and, of course, printed whenever necessary.

In-class online assessments with Testportal are easy to reuse over and over again. Teachers can put them to work in another class, next term or even next year. It is also easy to find a specific test with a user-friendly search engine.

Even though there are other online tools offering solutions like those mentioned above, Testportal excels by being an all-in-one platform. It is also superior due to its user-friendliness and clear interface that make all kinds of work easy and fast. Apart from that, teachers within one school can share their tests, polls, and other ideas, which makes their work even easier and lets inexperienced educators or teaching assistants learn from their experienced colleagues.

Testportal allows you to enter the world of modern digital technologies that support education. With our platforms’ features, it is much easier to boost student engagement and improve learning efficiency. Furthermore, it facilitates reusing content created earlier, as all it takes is uploading it to Testportal.

Online assessments in the classroom environment allow teachers to rethink their educational strategies and processes. Enhanced by the features offered by Testportal and its possibilities, they can help students be more engaged and embrace new material more effectively. As a result, the continuous use of Testportal in schools is beneficial for educators and students alike.