Create, share and analyze tests with Microsoft Teams

Advanced knowledge assessment with Teams. Turn Teams into a powerful and reliable testing and teaching tool using the Testportal app.

Testportal + Teams = Teaching and knowledge assessment ecosystem

  • Advanced question content creation
  • Honest Respondent Technology
  • Time measurement and limits
  • Grading
  • All-round test supervision
  • Detailed analysis of test results, statistics and other insights

How to get the best out of Testportal in Teams?

Tests and exams

Automatic grading makes it incredibly easy to grade hundreds of exams at once.


Homework in the form of a test will be a great learning experience for students, helping them learn faster and easier.

Practice quizzes

Increase the effectiveness of your remote learning by creating easily accessible quizzes for your students. The tests can also be solved on tablets or phones.


Online tests are the perfect tool for carrying out subject-specific competitions or math olympiads.
Restrictive time limits
All round test supervision, including affordable proctoring and test live feed
Detailed results and statistics
Advanced question content creation
Question categories and question drawing algorithms

Microsoft Forms

Built-in quizzes and assignments in Teams
No time measurement
No supervision
Simple results table
Basic question editing
No question categories, straightforward question mixing mechanism

The Honest Respondent Technology

Ensure test reliability on all devices - including Teams!
Testportal offers a number of mechanisms that can help you prevent dishonest test completion. Automatic question drawing and limited question answer times highly increase your test reliability. If it’s possible, also make sure to share the test with your respondents at the same time and disable question jumping. Apart from that, our Honest Respondent Technology makes sure to grant full security.
The Honest Respondent Technology oversees the activity of each test. As a test configurator you can also find out if there were any attempts to leave your test page, as well as how many test leaves occured per each participant. In addition to statistics about each question answer time, it makes analysing your results much easier and comprehensive.

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