Frequently asked questions

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1. General

1. What does "number of collected results" mean?
"Number of collected results" stands for the number of times the tests you have created will be completed.
2. Can you organize the whole exam for me?
Yes, if you would like us to handle examination process end-to-end we are more than happy to help.
3. How many respondents may take the test simultaneously?
As many as needed. In case of large participation, please contact us to assure stability.

2. Creating a test

1. I have a questions base. Can I import it?
If you have tests in digital form, contact us. Perhaps we will manage to import them to Testportal application together. This way you can save time.
2. What to do if the logo is blurry?
The logo has a specific size and quality if you have removed redundant space and left important graphic elements in the graphic file. This rule works in most cases. Sometimes it may turn out to be not enough, though. This being the case, please use a contact form so that we could help you adjust the size and content of the image with logo.
3. What will happen if I do not activate test sets?
On test set configuration screen, the option "Random order of questions" is selected by default. This means that all respondents will receive a set composed of all questions created for a given test in a random order. If you clear "Random order of questions", every respondent will receive exactly the same questions in exactly the same order as in Questions manager.
4. How does "Training" access type work?
This kind of test is perfect for preparing for the test. The respondent may complete it unlimited number of times. Every time the question is answered, it is allowed to check its answers. It is also possible after the end of the test. The time is measured in accordance with the settings but not checked so strictly. The results from this kind of test are saved anonymously (only for statistic purposes).
5. Can I use Testportal to create a paper test?
Yes. Testportal gives an access to a test sheet, answer sheet and answer key PDF generator. You can also create a few test sets and print them as well as corresponding answer sheets and keys.

3. During the test

1. Why cannot I edit questions and test sets after I start or end the test?
If you want to modify questions or test sets after you have started the test, you must duplicate it. This is to allow you to compare results from various dates. If questions or test sets were changed, the results would be inadequate and uncomparable.

4. After the end of the test

1. What do test dates mean?
The date is just another start of the test with the same questions and test set but at a different time.
2. Respondents already know their results and I'd like to change grading criteria. What now?
If grading criteria have been changed, you can inform the respondents about results in accordance with new criteria. You must select a relevant option on "Pass criteria" and confirm with "Process results".
3. What if the certificates have already been sent but the grading criteria are different?
Certificates must be sent again because grades and pass/fail decisions will change as well.
4. How is the number of respondents calculated?
When creating a test, in the section "Access to test" you can specify the maximum number of persons to complete the test. After the end of the test the permissible number of completions per month (arising from license restrictions) will be reduced by the number of persons who have completed the test, and not maximum permissible number defined in the test settings.

5. Test completion - section for respondents

1. Do I need to sign up to complete tests?
You do NOT need to have an account to complete tests. Depending on the type of access (specified by the test administrator), you must know a public link, private access code or group password.
2. Why do I need to enter personal data to complete the test?
Personal data which must be entered before you start the test is specified by the test administrator. This data is available to the test administrator only.
3. I received two or more access codes, which is the correct one?
The last-generated code. The creator may have changed test settings and thus generated access code twice by accident.
4. What does the field "Additional information" mean?
The test administrator should provide you with instructions on how to fill in the "Additional information" field out.
5. How can I know which answers are correct?
Showing/hiding correct answers is configured by the test administrator. If he or she agreed to show correct answers, you will be allowed to see them when you click "See correct answers" on the last page of the test.
6. Will I receive some test completion and result confirmation?
Yes, but a little later. The test administrator is allowed to change pass and grading criteria. Notifications will be sent after he or she has made a change (if necessary) and assessed descriptive questions (if any). You can also receive a certificate confirming participation and your result via e-mail if the test creator issued them. It is also possible that the test administrator will grant you a certificate in person.

6. Plans and types of payments

1. Are there any discounts?
Yes. If you pay for a year-long subscription upfront then you will receive an attractive discount.
2. Is there any special offer for teachers?
We want to support education. We do believe that this way we can invest in a better future. For this reason we have prepared an offer for teachers.
3. What will happen after the trial or subscription have expired?
Your tests will be suspended but you will still have an access to previously collected results.
4. Do subscription plans include hidden costs?
5. Do I need to sign an agreement?
There is no requirement to sign a paper contract with us. However, if your legal department requires it, we will be happy to sign it with you.
6. Can I change my plan at any time?
You can have a more advanced plan at any time. The amount will be a difference between the current fee and the one required to use a new plan.
7. Can I resign at any time?
You can stop using Tesportal at any time.
8. What forms of payment do you accept?
Debit or credit cards, PayPal, traditional bank transfers.
9. Do you offer customization?
Yes. If you need custom features that are not available on our platform, just contact us and our custom development team will work with you.
10. What if I pay for the same plan before the subscription expires?
The period will be extended respectively.
11. What if I pay for more advanced plan before the subscription expires?
Your current plan will upgrade immediately. You will not lose anything because you'll get a refund for your current subscription.
12. What if I pay for less advanced plan before the subscription expires?
Your plan will downgrade after your current subscription has expired.