What is Honest Respondent Technology, and how does it work?

Honest Respondent Technology

To make test results more reliable, you can activate a mechanism that monitors browser tab movements during test-taking. If any movements or tab switching is detected, it issues warnings or blocks the test, according to the settings of your choice.

Honest respondent technology

This is how you can enable Honest Respondent Technology in your test.

If a respondent leaves the test, they will see a warning. Their test access may also be blocked after exceeding a set number of such incidents. If you decide to block a test after a set number of warnings, you will know exactly who the culprit was.

The mechanism also works for tests shared via Microsoft Teams.

Leaving test page unintentionally

When the Honest Respondent Technology is enabled, respondents are informed about it on the test start page. They are advised to focus on their tests only, to disable all system notifications and close applications running in the background.

It can happen, however, that the respondent leaves the test page unintentionally. This can be caused by adjusting the volume on their device, clicking outside the test page or turning on the taskbar. If the test is being completed on a mobile device, any notifications or calls may also cause a warning to be issued.

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